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First Look


Hey look, I am still alive. I know, I promised a couple seasons ago that I'd come back to this. Well I lied. Turns out I just don't care much to deal with the cartoons, and instead have been doing more gaming. Well, I completely bowed out of even [...]

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Miracle on Ice

I don't even know how to start writing this. Symphogear is a show that sucked me in with the same grace and charm that Nanoha did, girls fighting in mecha-like suits against baddies and otherworld forces. It had characters that hit all the [...]

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Currently Watching

A Mid-Summers Night Rundown

It's a little over halfway through Summer, and I finally got a new NIC card in, so being able to download twenty shows again was sweetness. I'm a bit behind on some shows, so I might paraphrase a bit, because I am lazy as shit. Teaches me to take on [...]

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