2012: A Look Back At Another Year of Animated Foolishness

That's going to get annoying after awhile


2012 is out, 2013 is in, and all things considered, we had a hell of a year for both established franchises and new shows. It’s particularly hard for me to really drill down and pick favorites from this year’s draw, but since I’m in that end-of-the-year mode, let’s go into my list of shows, characters, stories, and more that I found great from this year in anime.

Gonna call him Reggie from now one

Shoe Size Blind

Guilty Crown has shared a special love and hate relationship with weeaboos this season, because while it is universal among most to be terrible, we still watch the next episode in our secret love affair of Shu Shoe and what he will do next. That being said, after the completion of this show this past week, I’m afraid that the terrible status will stand. That was a terrible ending.