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[Commie] Love Lab - 12 [8EB2A79D].mkv_snapshot_13.06_[2013.09.28_21.29.44]

Final set of reviews for the season. I overloaded myself this season with shows on top of starting a new job on top of Saimoe, so it’s been a stretch for me to keep tabs on everything. I actually blew through the last half of Love Lab this evening. Try as I might, I always end up with too many shows each season, because I don’t want to miss out on the good stuff. Or something.

Get on with it.


Reach for the Stars

[HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.55_[2013.07.23_12.04.17]

I’m back after a somewhat long hiatus. I got off unemployment and on to a new call center job, better pay, better benefits, and room for advancement. So, you know, TopLEL IT.

The second thing though is I moved my server to a new VPS last night, and so far, no major problems. Had a few issues early on with DNS and getting databases restored, but everything got together before early this morning, so should be good now. Lemme know if something broke.

To be honest, while this season isn’t bad, I’m not feeling the post-worthy-ness of this season. I find that I’m not in a hurry to watch new episodes, and nothing about them makes me want to write about them, so it might be a light post season, especially with Saimoe getting ready to fire. I’ll try my best though.

The House that Armin Built


Some fun stuff this week, and updating on some stuff I haven’t touched on in previous weeks. We’re close to the end of the season, and I’m getting to that point where I just want this season to end and to get the next season on already. Still, Valvrave and Railgun have been exceptional lately, and Shingeki is keeping up with my expectations translating from the manga, so nothing to complain about this season, got a lot of good shows out of this draw. Let’s get started: