Angels and Demons: The Madoka Movie Trilogy


It certainly took me awhile to finally sit down and do the Madoka movies considering they’ve been out for quite awhile. I tend to wait until good versions of the video are out for movies and specials before grabbing ahold of them. Evangelion Rebuild so far has been the only thing I’ve bought on physical BD, but this movie trilogy would make a good addition to my physical batch as well.

As for the movies? Frankly, they were just as anyone would expect from abstract-visual SHAFT, but just as well. I certainly enjoyed running a little mini-tweet-riff as I was watching them. But you’re here for some words. I shall provide.

When Life Gives You Lemons (Updated)

So I’ve badly neglected my blog here, mostly because of work last weekend and Portal 2 this week. Fortunately I spent all of today catching up on everything, so without further words, let’s review Madoka and everything else! So SHAFT finally dropped the final two episodes of Madoka and I haven’t read any other animu…

I Hate Shots

So finally after five years I bought myself a new LCD monitor to replace my seven year old Princeton 19″ Standard, and I must say watching Index 21 and GOSICK 9 on it is much nicer. It’s not my first 1080p monitor, I have one at work that I watch videos on when I am…