2012: A Look Back At Another Year of Animated Foolishness

That's going to get annoying after awhile


2012 is out, 2013 is in, and all things considered, we had a hell of a year for both established franchises and new shows. It’s particularly hard for me to really drill down and pick favorites from this year’s draw, but since I’m in that end-of-the-year mode, let’s go into my list of shows, characters, stories, and more that I found great from this year in anime.

The Tale of a Dynasty

I mark a lot of moments in my life with what music I was listening to at the time. Creed and Metallica in middle school, Eiffel 65 in high school, and Super Eurobeat for the past nine years. In the fall and winter of 2005, I walked to a bus stop a mile and a half from my first apartment with a Creative Zen MP3 player listening to Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo as I made my way to work a restaurant I had at the time, as I didn’t have a car then. The following year, the same studio, using the same lead actress, rolled out another tale of magic and maximum tsundere. This week, both of these shows came to a close, and I thought it would be best to review them at the same time, and go back a little bit.

Summer of Sixty-Nine

Leave it to Top Gear to find the good ones

In Soviet China, Moe Polices YOU

Halfway through the winter season and a few shows are still going strong into their last half. Full season shows are starting to come around to their final arcs, so the next six weeks will prove to be all sorts of fun.. we hope. Once again I got lazy and forgot to snap screenshots for this week’s post, so I am borrowing them from Random Curiosity again.