(Probably Bad) Anime Recommendations

Over the years, I’ve tried a few times to create some kind of recommendations list. I then realized that I am not particularly good at recommending anime to people because all I watch these days are western animation, mecha, racing, and eat a pint of ice cream remembering a time when anime was good and not full of horrid isekai bullshit. Alas, this is what happens when you hit forty. I’ve been watching Japanese cartoons now since I was about fifteen. That’s twenty-five years of this shit. This list hasn’t even been updated since 2017.

But with age comes wisdom, I guess, and if I want the kids these days to actually have a solid appreciation for some of the good shit that has held up this medium over the decades, I have to do my part. So I have put together a number of lists roughly by interest or demographic of shows you should watch, a quick-take on them, my score, and where you can find them now.

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