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Cat Ears and Swords

Yeah it's been awhile since I touched this journal. Between our building move at work and a new computer project I have watch a few things here and there but have largely neglected it, and I am sure the episode 3 batch is up by now, I'll try to [...]

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Currently Watching

New Year’s Fanservice

So the new season of anime is out this week and per what I wrote several weeks ago I've checked out the first episodes of except Omamori which hasn't come out yet. Chu-Bra Okay, I had my doubts, but this didn't turn out to be as clumsy as I [...]

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Winter 2010 Preview

Chart's V2 for the winter is out and there looks to be a few interesting things I might want to pick up for the winter as many of my currents will be ending next week except for Railgun and Patissiere (presumably). A small tl;dr of what I'm looking [...]

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