So the new season of anime is out this week and per what I wrote several weeks ago I’ve checked out the first episodes of except Omamori which hasn’t come out yet.

why yes, I am wearing pink panties, how ever did you guess?

Okay, I had my doubts, but this didn’t turn out to be as clumsy as I thought it might be, though I won’t rule that out completely, however I can not deny a girl with glasses and a shameless addiction to flipping up girl’s skirts. This will be filed in the “fanservice” category this season.

Sub Group: HorribleSubs (via Crunchyroll)
First Rating: 6.5

this must be what they call late night television in Japan

Ladies vs. Butlers
This show has tits. Like, shown on the screen tits, not that blurred out shit you normally get, which is impressive for censorship-laden Japan, but maybe that is just in print. Anyway, this show apparently offers a rich snobby girl, an ordinary guy, an apparently knifing evil girl, and a random assortment of other characters… so basically the adult version of Hayate the Combat Butler. I’m not really sure what the story is, other than the evil girl apparently knows the ordinary guy, and that he made some promise to be someone’s bride, so I’m guessing it is some sort of mind trickery we’ll see in later episodes.

Sub Group: Doki
First Rating: 7

blow... bloooooow... blow... you blowing yet?

Seeing as the first episode lacked very much in details, I will make a short summary of this:

K-ON! + Military Uniforms = So-Ra-No-Wo-To

Sub Group: gg
First Rating: 6.5

so wait, they summon little versions of themselves with HP = their test scores? wat?

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu
So basically we’ve got classes that are divided by test scores, with the failures getting shit for a classroom while the smart ones get life and luxury, however they have a rather interesting digital battle system that pretty much makes this series some kinda video game on wheels. Only ZANY catch is, the pink haired girl is actually smart but couldn’t finish the entrance exam and got put in the F class.

Watch it for the lulz. I will.

Sub Group: gg
First Rating: 6.5

So not a bad haul for the winter, and it will at least do until the spring and summer come up. Also have Railgun from last season and probably something from seasons past to watch, though I honestly only have time to watch anime about once a week now with work, so I make it count where I can.

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