Upcoming: Winter 2010-2011 Ver. 2

Updating a previous post on the next season of anime based on the most recent chart provided by CartDiver, here is the final tally on what you should look forward from this blog:

New Series

Fractale the description is vague, but it sounds like something that’s going to be either supernatural or “electronic” (think Angel Beats!) and quest-oriented. Still, it looks somewhat interesting enough to warrant a look.

GOSICK Aside from the description saying “female Sherlock Holmes”, it’s a BONES series with a main character that looks like Shinku from Rozen Maiden and set in the 20’s. I think I can dig it.

IS: Infinite Stratos Wait, wait, females… piloting mechs, exclusively, until one boy comes along? Oh hell yeah, this may be the most fun since… uh… shit… something!

Is This A Zombie? Hrm, magic, zombies, and a girl with a chainsaw? A magic chainsaw? It probably won’t be as witty as Zombieland, but let’s fucking rock.

Houkago no Pleiades It’s… GAINAX, something involving Suburu the car company, and that’s all that I’ve got. Go onnnn~

I don’t like you at all, Big Brother I can’t help but think this is going to be the reverse of Ore no Imouto with a twist, and also merits what is up with incest-related titles these days, but eh, we’ll see what it’s worth.


Supernatural: The Animation – I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the US TV series, on the account of my girlfriend and her friends being big fans of it. The production company is Madhouse, which is a good fit, and the two VAs who voiced Sam and Dean in the US series Japanese dub will be reprising their roles for the animation. Hiroki Touchi, who is voicing Dean, was the voice of Lasse Aeon from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Lasse was motherfucking badass son. I’ve been told I should watch the series, and I probably will eventually. This 22-episode OVA is set to cover the first two seasons of the series and cover much of the original content, as well as anime-only original story focusing on the Winchester’s childhoods, expanded roles for secondary characters, and new enemies.
Angel Beats!
Baka to Test Shoukanjuu
Queen’s Blade Ep. 5/6

Continuing Series from Fall 2010

A Certain Magical Index II
Super Robot Taisen OG The Inspector

Gonna be a fun 2011, maybe. I’m still waiting on my Shana III, Saki Season Two, and somemore Nanoha. Hell, I’ll even take another season of Zero’s Familiar or even Hayate. Strike Witches 3? Throw me a bone, Japan.

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