Here are the updates for what is going on in Japan that I am immediately aware of, as well as more weeaboo updates for those who care:

So far the confirmed death toll is close to 5,500 people, with an additional projected 10,000-14,000 unaccounted for or missing. The Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) and foreign teams such as the Los Angeles Search and Rescue team, the Norfolk VA Search and Rescue team, and teams from the UK, Australia, China, and New Zealand, are all out combing through towns searching for survivors. Also, this Flickr photo albums highlights the US Navy and its efforts in what is being called “Operation Tomodachi” (friend), which primarily involves the USS Ronald Reagan, but also highlights the efforts of the USS Tortuga as they helped move over 90 JSDF vehicles and supplies into harder to reach areas to help in relief efforts. An excellent blog post written by a Tokyo resident highlights the situation inside the city, which really isn’t bad amid the situation on the coast and the radiation scares from the plant. It also highlights a few things to note for those wishing to assist in relief efforts, give it a read.

As for the situation with the nuclear plant, as of my last new crawl, they attempted to dump water on the plants via air but were unsuccessful, so they are trying to truck pump water in, focusing the most on the third reactor. Radiation levels continue to be high around the immediate area of the reactor, but readings outwards are not suggesting a significant threat, though the threat exists. At worst, we’re looking at Three Mile Island where it’s reactor also suffered a partial meltdown, but no causalities or damage was done to surrounding, although reports are disputed. The most important thing to note, is that this will not end up like the Chernobyl disaster for the obvious reason that A: the reactor designs are different and more advanced and B: the reactor had already been shut down with control rods inserted from the very beginning, meaning the damages sustained to this point have been from the efforts to cool the reactor and prevent the core from melting down, which has been going mostly well despite a few setbacks.

Above all, there is no real need for panic in either situation. The focus right now is getting badly needed supplies to the areas with refugees as the temperatures are cold and fuel and food supplies are low as we’re almost a week into the disaster. So if you have cash to spare, consider donating to the Red Cross so that the Japanese Red Cross and the US Navy can continue getting supplies into the badly affected areas as cleanup and recovery continues.

Now for weeaboo news, I have been keeping a chart of what is airing, delayed, and canceled for the week. So far only Fractale and Hourou Musuko are airing as scheduled today. Madoka was initially scheduled to air normally on MBS, but was pulled after series creator Gen Urobuchi expressed concerns over the quality of the animation as it took SHAFT a couple days to reorder themselves after the quake shook some things around in the office. However, other concerns might have been the network or others concerned with showing potentially dark or disaster-type imagery “too soon.” One person to somewhat publicly object was Yutaka Yamamoto, who directed for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as well as Lucky Star, Kannagi, and most recently Fractale, objecting to it being removed from airing. Note he is the same guy who also publicly denounced Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara over statements he made about the quake. Honestly, most fans and even fans on /a/ are hoping the extra week is worth the wait, and aren’t too broken up over it. Also not airing this week is Kore wa Zombie, Dragon Crisis, Infinite Stratos, and Yumekui Merry. I do not have a current status on when any of these episodes will continue, and I also do not have a status on tonight’s Index 23 or SRWOG 23. I also don’t have a status on tomorrow’s GOSICK 11, however 10 was released on Nyaa earlier. My primary source for schedule news right now is @cowboybibimbop so follow on Twitter for up-to-date info on that and Earthquake General.

At this point most of the major news about the disaster will be more of the same as recovery goes on, so this will be the last major post. Feel free to visit the links on the right for continued information. Check my twitter updates for schedule changes and anything else fit to share.

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