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I’m finally back after a long hiatus filled with many interesting adventures, some of which I could have done without. Finally caught up to this week’s airings, just in the nick of time. Here is the rundown of week six, in the usual order.

and Gundam. Science and Gundam. I'd be in heaven.
I hate to blur reality with fantasy, but fuck man, she's into science.

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai continues to be my number one show each week, because it’s the Haruhi that KyoAni couldn’t muster, and it’s fantastic. I know they’re trying to open up the “oh that boy was Yozora” bit very badly in each episode, but I could watch 26 episodes of just this shit all day and take it to the bank. It might not take much for me to be entertained though. U mad sophisticatebros?

Don't know if want?
Does a psychopathic girl who wants to fuck my brains out then stab me count?

Yandere yandere Mirai Nikki continues with the untimely demise of two more Future Diary users, and Yukiteru escaping with his life once more, but can’t seem to shake the creepy Yuno from keeping ahold of him, and now she’s wooed his mother over to her wiles. This series really puts such a fantastic spin on “The Highlander” type series, and the cast of characters isn’t half bad, including blind oracle girl who was raped her whole life. Sucked for her in the end.

Remodel them all into kitties.
No, no, please do.

Working is doing.. you know.. Working things, as the past two episodes have focused mostly on Takanashi’s relationship with Inami as her “handler”. He of course sees her as a dog, and she sees him as a… er… punching bag? Add some other hijinks involving colds, possibly Yamada’s brother, and the Manager’s gang, and two more episodes of the greatest show on earth go down in the books. Well, maybe not greatest, but damn close.

The Joe Swanson of GC
You knocked her out of her chair? The ADA is gonna have a field day with you.

Guilty Crown surprisingly remains strong in a point where you expect it to fault, given the weak babby protag and no clear idea of who The Undertakers are really fighting, but the episode, which largely focuses on Shu and Ayase with Inori also as Shu finds out Inori was basically using him under Gai’s orders to bring him into the fold easier. Fortunately he retains some guts to join and actually defeat Ayase in her Enclave, albeit using someone’s Void. I might be the only blogger to like this show, but it’s not half bad, and less campy so far than Code Geass’ high school hi-jinks, which aren’t happening here for some reason yet.

So is the robot too. Awkward three-some.
Well, he/she is part girl, right?

Hot on the heels of GC is UN-GO which continues to be the shining diamond in the rough this season, with its quirky style and cast of characters. Inga and the RAI amuse me the most, mostly with their antics through the episode, but even the mysteries and how Shinjirou and Kaishou solve them differently amuse me as well, it’s like Sherlock Holmes and Encyclopedia Brown. Inga however is the wild card, and now that we hear she used to kill people, presumably for souls, and now obtains them differently, suggests they met somehow during the war.

Seriously, are all civilians this stacked?

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ducks indoors for their sixth episode to highlight some internal strife among one colony, which continues to fight an age-old war on a smaller scale daily within the colony, and those in the slums below trying to make a living. Flit of course tries to take up the cause of the noble man, and ends up blackmailed by the UE as they run away and leave him to the colony army who assumes he tried to attack the colony. Meanwhile shady captain seems willing to trade military secrets for warships to take on the feds. WHAT A TWIST!

We don't need no water?
This must happen a lot, eh?

Shakugan no Shana Final steps away from Shana a bit to focus on Keisaku who arrives at the HQ for Outlaw, but is put in a room for almost a week, until being “rescued” by “Scatterer of Sparkling Light” Rebecca Reed, who was a personal friend of Wilhelmina, and decided to help her on her quest to rescue Shana from Bal Masque, despite warnings of the impeding war between them and the Flame Hazes. Shana is starting to get good, and I know it’s a buildup, but man, so ready to rock this shit fo’serious.

Mary Sue galore
If only he was there to stop Twilight from being written in a similar fashion

If it wasn’t for everything else above it, and I allowed ties, Ben-to would be much higher, it really is a fantastic show. The inclusion of a “Mid-Boss” was a bit out of place at first, especially given how fast it took them to defeat him, but made for an interesting feat of strength shown from The Ice Witch. For a show about half-priced lunch, you have to commend their style in keeping it real.

Would have also accepted TEAM GINYU

Ika Musume continues to squid around in various ways, including having Sanae as a bodyguard, and another episode of Mini-Ika and her adventures outside, like “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”. Can never go wrong with our intrepid sea invader.

Tsundere likes cats isn't a surprise anymore.
Oh, she likes cats. Eh.

Of everything this season, Maken-ki is on the bottom rung. There just isn’t anything more to a harem show with super powers when it just touts a pro-feminist line more often than not and just seems unappealing. The main character is a joke and the main female character is overbearing and retarded. Still, there is some compelling force that keeps me watching in the hopes that something intelligent will spark and end the show on a high note. Right. When pigs fly.

All wrapped up for the week, just in time for the next wave tomorrow and into the weekend. Also, I am looking around for Winter 2011-2012 information to get started on that, I know ZnT’s final season is among that list. I’ll have more as I look into it.

I’ll also try to remember about this blog. Once and awhile.

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