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Well we’re three weeks into the new season, and suffice to say, as I somewhat feared, this season is not holding up well compared to others. That isn’t to say everything is terrible and you should just nuke yourself from orbit to be safe, but this less-than-impressive lineup has led me to pick and choose what I actually write about, because I’m not going to just write filler to placate all six of you who read this shit. I have a lot of fucking digging to do in Starbound. So I only have time to stop for QUAL-O-TEE.

If I had milk to spit out, I would. That line was absurd. Quality. Oh man.

Like a laser pointer.
Like a laser pointer.

Space Dandy
“You wanted a multi-breast monster, right?”


It’s not that Space Dandy is bad, it’s just that it’s not good either. Take my preview context:

“And you people, you’re all astronauts on… some kind of star trek?”

Speaking of Star Trek, if you’ve seen Voyager, you’ll understand when I compare Dandy and QT to Captain Proton and Buster, but where the latter is in black and white and emulates the old science fiction stories of the 50s and 60s, the former ends up like Disgaea’s hilarious trio Captain Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday. Except Jennifer is a cat. Disappointing.

What this should really should just be, and what it is steering towards, is Dandy’s mission to visit every Boobies in the galaxy. Alien hunting, space gorillas, strange warp fields, all of these things are really secondary to the primary mission of tits and beer. In space.

So while I certainly don’t mind watching, because crazy space adventures are always worth watching, what I am effectively watching is ALIENS.jpg. You know the one. I don’t need to repost it.

Say cheese.
Say cheese.

Now that Ogura is part of the force, she gets shipped off to train, and who better to train her than Robert Capa. Clever use of holographics and photography indeed. But really, the question you should be asking is what is up with Ogura’s rack? Some serious bits mounted on that frame. Shit. Nobunagun so far is satisfying my no-strings-attached action series of the season. The use of historical figures is a nice touch to what would otherwise be a superpower show with a monster-of-the-week schtick. But I hope this is the only training episode, because for this show to rock, it just needs to keep moving.

Have I developed attention deficit disorder for anime?

Really, what with the glowing nipples?
Really, what with the glowing nipples?

Kill la Kill
“Now featuring more RULEBOOKS”
The first half of Kill la Kill predictably ended with the mid boss wrecking Ryuuko’s shit and Satsuki’s master plans revealed to conquer the remaining schools. But now that her mother and their CONGLOM-O has revealed the whole story, that a global war is waged on clothing, the second half is bound to be less exciting than the first when it was just simple revenge for her father. The destruction of Senketsu was interesting though, and I actually enjoyed the last two episodes for breaking the worn-out revenge quest of the first half and putting some perspective in Ryuuko. Still, she still has to go after Bill Satsuki for the final piece, so I’m guessing either we finally get the END BATTLE between the two, mid boss shows up again, her mother turns out to be the end boss that both have to fight together, or everything just abruptly ends PSG-style without another season.

God let it be that. Can you imagine the faces on KLKfans? They’d shit in their pants.


Mahou Sensou
“Twilight Sword. Get it?”
Zelda pun aside, this is the other show this season I have moderate expectations for, and I am probably going to be disappointed. I really wanted more of Mondaiji, but this seems to be the lite version without Kurousagi. Sadness indeed. Still, as long as I can get some magical fanservice, I guess it won’t be a complete wash. It’s trying a little bit to be Nanoha as well, so I guess I need a few more episodes on this before I can really say anything.

Seriously, I mean, what is up with that hair?
Seriously, I mean, what is up with that hair?

Onee-chan ga Kita
“Another story of my life it seems.”


Slight lie. I technically have one, or two? I forget. My parents divorced during my sophomore year of high school right after we moved up to this god forsaken wasteland of a state, so by the time either of them remarried or started shacking up with someone new, I was already largely out on my own, thus robbing me of the potential for getting an older step-sister. As I’ve reiterated post-Oreimo, I am not a siscon. My only younger sister and I aren’t really as close as probably other siblings could be, for a variety of reasons. My mother’s husband has kids who are older than me, but I never really interacted with them. I often quip to my wife that it’s nice to have older sister-in-laws, almost like having the aforementioned big sister. Perhaps not to the same effect as in Onee-chan ga Kita, they don’t live with me, and I have to imagine that if my parents divorced sooner and one remarried and I got to live with an older girl during my elementary and middle school days, it probably would have been awkward. Still, three minutes doesn’t do this show enough justice sometimes. It’s almost criminal.


Man, I wish. I couldn’t even land the friendzone half of the time back then. I just got plain ignored.

[HorribleSubs] Space Dandy - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.59_[2014.01.19_13.47.23]

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