Dancing in the Stars

Getting very close to the end of the season, and before you know it, the holidays will come and go and we’ll start anew in January, and I still have no idea what is on my docket for next year, but for the meantime, let’s jump in with this week’s offerings.

Japan Knows Who I Am Now, and That Is Sad

I never thought it was possible, but apparently there is a show about a doofy-looking nice guy who takes in a bunch of cats and has no idea what to do with himself and has made excuses for that all his life. Only I am fat and I don’t live in a dorm with crazy girls and a shut-in programmer. Come to think of it, I used to long ago. Minus the crazy programmer. That turned out to be a crazy gamer. Well, anyway, I dropped Seitokai because >360p and picked up two other shows this season, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and Tonari no Kaibutsu.