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Despite the might of fifty Pidgeys outside using GUST, Sandy did not affect me in any way, but laziness, work, and Saimoe unfortunately delayed updating this blog until this very moment, so reveal in a glorious post over… er… not much.


Magician names are getting too Green these days
Rock Autumn? Cliff Winter? Sea Spring?

Chuu 2 Koi does one thing and does it well, and that is make you laugh from some inane thing done on screen, and this time it’s Nibutani. Yes, nice, quiet, likeable Nibutani is actually a crazy like the rest of them, which made me sad a little, there needs to be one good character that isn’t a delusional mess, but nope. Still, I am finding myself enjoying this show more than I probably should, but fuck man, whatever, it’s all good.


Why don't you plug your own manga while you're at it?

If you expect this rendition of Hayate no Gotoku to be any different from the previous, you probably should stop watching. Having said that, I am not really gelling with Ruri at all here, but I presume this is part of something larger, and probably something from the manga, which I have not read, so mangabros can chime in at any time if they’d like. The faces and eyes bother me the most though, they don’t seem the same as the previous seasons, but maybe I am wrong?


Geeky robotics girl? I jizzed in my pants.
I can see you in those glasses, and I DO want.

Best show of the season? I’m going to vote Robotics;Notes. It hasn’t done much yet to really shine, but it has a quirky humor to it and Akiho is just cute-as-buttons anywhere she goes. Much like Steins;Gate, this show will probably continue to get better as time goes on, so I am not worried too much about anything going south.. hopefully.


She broke the code. HA HA.. terrible.

Another good show this season that has made a name for itself in the first few episodes is CODE:BREAKER which has kicked off with dudes burning and Sakurakouji playing the part of Relena Peacecraft to Oogami’s Heero Yuy, and frankly, that’s how I see the entire plot right now, a bunch of vigilante dudes with powers who kill corrupt politicians and crime lords. Always have to have some girl mucking it up for everyone, eh?


Don’t worry, we roll tanks through the street all the time. Just smile and wave.

Surprisingly, Girls und Panzer ain’t a bad watch so far either, not really sure what they’re aiming for, but it’s pretty much Upotte with tanks, and with such a diverse cast it’s like they were aiming for some sort of Saki-like field of potential candidates for Saimoe 2013? Besides that, they keep alluding to the fact that they live on a giant city ship, as does other people. Why? Did the Earth explode? Details!


Do want.
Yes please.

I must confess, Little Busters confuses me. I’ve read bits of spoilers about what actually happens, but even taking away that it seems like they just piece a bunch of random things together and call it an episode, and it gets a little confusing sometimes. Still, it’s not terribly bad at some points, and I can occasionally watch it and not just pan forward hoping for something interesting to happen. Don’t judge.


Whenever gg finishes Joshiraku I’ll marathon that and write it up, along with an update on Space Bros, which I’ve been slacking on. I also own you folks a review on Hyouka I believe, which won’t be much, but I found it worth a paragraph or two. I also want to re-watch some classic anime and do a few classic reviews this month, notably Mai HiME, and possibly Gundam Wing or Gundam 00, I’ve been jonesing for some Gundam lately after AGE finished and they were good shows, or I could try to reach back and finish X, or actually sit down and finish all of the UC stuff proper. We’ll see. All I know is I need some classic watches, this shit shouldn’t just collect dust on the shelves.

Saimoe finishes this weekend with the final match tomorrow, Onjouji Toki versus Matsumi Kuro in a all-Saki finish. It’s been a helluva ride, but sadly Saki swept the finals and didn’t provide us much diversity, but it was a fairly fun year for many matches early on, with special props to my girl Sanya for making it to the group finals for the first time ever. Saki was renewed for another season, so expect them back in 2013, along with whomever else graces the stage this year.

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