Fall Midterm Part One: Dark and Dark

So how has this season been stacking up so far? Well, it could be better, but compared to last? Better. I only managed to drop one show off the watch list, and even then, I have a feeling there are a bunch others I am missing, but with so little time to chug through what I have, I dare not take on more. There is just so much to soak in that it’s hard to get through everything.

But here is the first half of my Fall 2014 impressions ranked from best to worst. It was sort of hard to rank-and-file them, so rankings are a bit liberal.

Mad Science

A pile of more first looks as the season continues to spread eagle for us: Ai Tenchi-Muyo, Amagi Brilliant Park, Denki Gai no Honya-san, Trinity Seven, Ino Battle wa Nichijo-kei, and Chaika: Avenging Battle. Impressions continue to be fairly strong across the board, but there are a few niggles here and there. First weeks always tend to impress though, so we’ll see how things are after the Kool-Aid man busts through the wall.

The Laws of Selecting

[Asenshi] selector infected WIXOSS - 12 [A6C7B0CE].mkv_snapshot_18.50_[2014.06.29_00.14.17]

Well this season is slowly coming to a close, thank god, but for all of that, we did get a few okay runs from some shows, I guess. Reviewing tonight is Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, Hitaugi no Chaika, Mekaku City Actors, No Game No Life, Seikoku no Dragonar, and WIXOSS. In no particular order.