Stimulating Wouldn’t You Say?

The winter season is (mostly) officially closed, with only one more series finishing next week. Spring is fully in swing, as X-MEN aired yesterday and Dog Days just a couple hours ago. Hanasaku Iroha airs today and Steins;Gate later this week. Let’s kick off the season’s final reviews:

I-I-It Can’t Be Helped

The answer of course is I PUT ON MY WIZARD HAT AND ROBE...

Well? How would you?

So after a week and a half, most shows are returning to the airwaves, save for Madoka because Gen and SHAFT apparently want to troll us hard. This week’s episodes weren’t too flashy though, either just because or on purpose, I feel that real world disasters often cause tone-downs in what we see in visual entertainment, though it could be “just as planned” so don’t read too much into it. Aside from Madoka not airing this week, GOSICK aired a episode 10.5 special, with 11 resuming next week, and Hourou Musuko decided to combine 10 and 11 into 10+11 which aired this week, and I am unsure if this is the end of the series or they plan on airing 11 or 12 next week. I’ve read they are putting the full 10-12 on DVD/BD and skipping airing, due to poor ratings. More on this in the reviews. Let’s get started:

I Hate Shots

So finally after five years I bought myself a new LCD monitor to replace my seven year old Princeton 19″ Standard, and I must say watching Index 21 and GOSICK 9 on it is much nicer. It’s not my first 1080p monitor, I have one at work that I watch videos on when I am…

Reading the Fine Print

A late report this week due to Katsucon, so instead of reviewing last week’s Dragon and Zombie, I will include this week’s that I just watched. That’s brisk baby… Index 19 shifts over to Accelerator who seems to have gotten in a bind with his old nemesis Kihara, who seems to be on orders to…