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This Old Park

The final weeks of the season, and since I had enough vacation left, I have the next nine days to finish up on this season, do Christmas, play some vidya, and try not to spend money I don't have on the Steam sale. That said, I finished up Amagi [...]

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Currently Watching

Fall Midterm Part One: Dark and Dark

So how has this season been stacking up so far? Well, it could be better, but compared to last? Better. I only managed to drop one show off the watch list, and even then, I have a feeling there are a bunch others I am missing, but with so little [...]

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First Look

You Can’t Be a Bear

Well, here is the new season, and from the get-go, it's pretty flashy. As first weeks go, they tend not to disappoint, but going from there, that is the tricky part. Taking a first look tonight is Cross Ange, Log Horizon 2, Terra Formars, and Madan [...]

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Cream of the Crop, Reviews

When It Was a Game

To open up the winter review session, I'm starting with the two strongest shows of the season, and possibly the year. That of course would be Log Horizon and Noragami. There are so few shows that bother to advance a decent plot alongside some [...]

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