White Moon Knight

Well the season is officially over, with two shows continuing into the next season, Log Horizon and Cross Ange. Reviewing today is Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru, Trinity Seven, Madan no Ou to Vandis, and Ai Tenchi-Muyo. I was about three episodes into Sora no Method, but after reading Jinx’s take on it, I am fairly confident I’d be wasting my time. I’m also still catching up on a couple other shows, because Christmas, and Steam sales, are a bitch.

Twintail Trope

So I’ve been largely out-of-commission this past month, due in part to physical and completely bullshit reasons. The fall months leading up to the holiday season are fun around here, because my wife loves those sorts of things. But with this house, and the region of the country I live in, I get to deal with leaves, and lots of them. Besides that, there was the Extra Life marathon which I completed, GamerGate which is complete bullshit and you shouldn’t even bother with, and the fact that outside of a few shows, I haven’t gotten into this season fully yet. Here is to hoping it ramps up by halftime.

So here are the last four previews I forgot to post weeks ago. World Trigger has been removed from my watchlist. It was boring.