shizuku's chest is over nine thousand allright...

Not that it surprises anyone that watches Kampfer, but if you needed an extra hint that there is a forced plot no plot, episode eleven will send your scouter off the scale, if only for a moment. What is more disappoint about this “fight scene” is that it wasn’t a fight scene. I mean, we knew from the beginning it was going to be some kind of one side versus the other, but jesus christ, Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome did this concept better even if they ended with the LOL RESET BUTTON. I guess the sole purpose of this series in the end is to highlight Japan’s obsession with lesbian relationships, dismembered stuffed animals, and gender-swapping roles. Oh, and that Kaede is a man-hating manipulative lesbian bitch. Glad we got that settled. Guess the “Kampfer” part was really the plot device they needed to change Natsuru to a girl to explain all this.


But don’t get me wrong, this was amusing to watch even if it didn’t go anywhere, I just think with a little tweaking it could have been kinda cool in concept, but seeing as how this is the winter anime season, either they are conserving their effort for the spring and summer, or they’re giving the B-rate writers and animators more work these days.

I would add my thoughts on Railgun and Nyan Koi for this week but I have to get to work. Perhaps later, if I care.

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