it's episode ten guys, time for me to get my evilface on

So apparently Kampfer finally has some sort of plot now instead of being lesbians with magical powers, and surprise surprise, the evil mastermind is none other than the girl who owns all the fucking dismembered stuffed animals. Gee.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally watching this for the lesbians with magical powers, but I was wondering when they were going to decide to actually tell us why they have said powers and who these “moderators” are (more like moderator amirite?) At this point they really should have just dropped the superpowers out and made it just guy-changing-into-a-girl, but then you’d essentially be doing another Ranma 1/2. Oddly enough, I’d be fine with that, it’s been a while since we had something as awesome epic as Ranma 1/2.

so what's the name of the company? applesoft? microapple? stevegates? DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS ORGAN TRANSPLANTS?

Railgun put in the cliffhanger this week, and fuck them sideways with a rusty pole for doing so. I am very interested to see if Uiharu does indeed have a power and if it relates to those flowers on her head, and of course anything involving Misaka and Kuruko is especially badass, though not much Misaka in the last couple episodes. I think this one is going to 26 (hopefully) so it looks like they’re gonna give us a good halfway snack here, though I’m still trying to figure out where this sidestory goes, creation of the The Sisters?

Still, as I’ve said before, Railgun is all the awesome of Index without Index and moar Misaka and Kuruko.

all I want for christmas is two twintail girls. best. threesome. ever.

It’s be kinda silly to state that there should be no magical girl overtone in this series, since the whole “cat curse” has been in effect since the beginning, but the magical girl twins did kinda contrast against the whole theme of the series. Still, twin-twintails is worth every penny dammit.

Contemplating Bantora. Is this awesome?


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