These Are Some of My Favorite Things

You can serve me tea all day plz, kthx

Omamori Himari is certainly trying to change my initial perception of it being a Shana clone by adding a water loli and a maid with tits, and it is doing quite well at packing in the innuendos and relative cluelessness of the main character and his “do no evil” persona, which I have a feeling something will manipulate down the road and he’ll go batshit insane trying to kill the demons. Only time shall tell really.

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu plods along, showing just how terribly sad our main character is at money and women, something most of us know to go hand-in-hand, sorry ladies, but guys don’t ever expect to be rich around women unless you are Bill Gates, we expect to be poor as shit. Age for truth. This series started out hot but has fallen back to sort of sidestepping for the moment, waiting for another GLORIOUS BATTLE in which I mean that quite sarcastically. At least this series is marginally more enjoyable than Seitokai no Ichizon.

Ladies vs. Butlers, once more you get tits, but no Flameheart tits, you get loli-actually-is-nineteen tits in a couple scenes, and no facesitting maid this episode, a shame I know. Fortunately this episode did not involve Flameheart as much so it was much more enjoyable to watch. Not that her character is bad, but she is 40% more mouthy and annoying than Louise from Zero. Oh, and crazy evil stalker girl, lookin’ rather Yui there.

Chu-Bra continues to be about bras and underwear, so if you were expecting anything else, you probably need to watch something else. This is trainwreck country, son.

Sora no Woto besides Omamori is probably one of my top picks this season, despite the fact that it is essentially K-ON! Military Version. However the feel to it is very toned down and the OP song is pretty catchy, was kinda trying to find any good vectors of the opening for wallpaper to replace my aging awesome Nanoha silhouettes, but they are awesome, needs something good to top that.

Left in queue to watch tomorrow is Railgun 15 and 16, and Katanagatari 1. I kinda want to go back and watch Nanoha again since I kinda power rushed through it. Perhaps I should rope in some interested takers, or my girlfriend, been awhile since we watched anything together.

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