Cat Ears and Swords

Yeah it’s been awhile since I touched this journal. Between our building move at work and a new computer project I have watch a few things here and there but have largely neglected it, and I am sure the episode 3 batch is up by now, I’ll try to catch up this weekend if I can. I will though detail my first impressions of Omamori Himari real quick, screenshot later because I am too lazy to snap one, it requires going to the other machine since I detached the music and media drive and it’s in the middle of a copy operation.

Omamori Himari

The closest I can figure on this one is that it is a combination of Shana and another series about demon slaying or protecting the master or names of series I can’t think of at the moment, but essentially it’s Shana with cat ears and a lack of knowledge of the modern world. Nevertheless they do not spare you very much introduction time as they immediately press forward the plot that this kid’s family killed demons, so the demons want him dead, but a demon swore to protect the kid and is doing so by killing other demons. Add a overbearing and probable love-interest female friend of the kid’s and some school friends and it essentially plays back like Shana except Yoshida was way hotter. Oh, and he is allergic to cats, so when she goes to do her obvious SEXY TIME moments… yeah, if you didn’t see this coming, you probably either are retarded or not as half as weeaboo as I am.

Sub Group: KSH
First Rating: 7.5

It’s also worth mentioning, that “Ladies Vs. Butlers” wins the award for fastest opening-to-tits in this season’s draw with episode 2 showing Flameheart’s nipples at 0:05. There is also more facesitting and maids and tits, so if that is your thing, as long as you can stand the tsundere mouthy often annoying Flameheart, rock, rock on.

Finally, my new machine being slowly put together over the course of this week was officially christened “Nanoha” after the title character in “Magical Lyrical Shoujo Nanoha”. Matt felt it prudent to point out the fact that she is a third grader in the series as being my interest in loli. While many would quickly defend with the fact the is 19 or someshit in StrikerS, I of course have no problem with a loli who can raze just about anything with magical powers of.. er… whatever that shit is in the series. I had several other names in mind, but I decided to hold Vita off for a netbook, and other choices were Misaka or Kuruko from Index/Railgun, Nodoka (Mahjong-tits) from Saki, or Taiga from Toradora!

Anyway, proper post hopefully this week once work and shit is ironed out, although if I get this battlestation fully operational by the end of the week, I will probably succumb to more Borderlands.

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