Must Be the Late Night Slot

a common occurance in this series, click for the NSFW version

So in case you were wondering just how much more wrong Ladies vs. Butlers could get, Episode 4 does a terrific job of essentially breaking any previous conception you had of the series. This week’s start-to-tits time was about 3:50 in, which will not clip the 0:05 record from Episode 2, but paints a pretty clear picture that censorship means nothing to this series, and that is probably awesome. Oh, and no real plot either this episode, much like Kampfer, it will probably be revealed at the end never happen.


Railgun 15 and 16 explores a little bit about Mii and her breif foray into goth, but by the end you get to see her dress up badass and watch Misaka blow up a van. What more could you possibly ask for? Don’t say Index…


Chu-Bra is sort of like watching Yakitate Japan!, it’s almost as if they are giving you an anatomy lession in the series while showing you any and every possibly girl Nayu can fondle. It’s sort of like the story of my apartment when we have a party… more or less.

maybe she should try the guitar...

I figure this image could really do all the explaining for me rather than having me type it, but really, if you’ve seen Sky Girls or Strike Witches, and you’ve seen K-ON!, this is really a fusion of the two, however it’s artfully done, and actually pretty good, just don’t expect the world from it or anything.

women always figure out some way to go from tied to a tree to upside down hanging out

Katanagatari premiered recently and the art style is a little different, but it’s not half bad for a 49 minute segment, which I believe they are doing them each month. Basic premise is a kid who is trained in a fighting style that uses no swords and a girl go out in search of 13 swords made long ago. There is a lot of monologuing in the first episode but a little action and a little crazy. Overall, it can either get better or worse, as most things go.

Sub Group: Mazui
First Rating: 8

Coming Soon: Year 2003 Review, Nanoha PSP game, ???, PROFIT!

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