Work has been rather busy this past month, and somehow I envision any time we release a somewhat major update to our software my weekday life will be filled with an almost certain amount of unparalleled loathing for the less technically fortunate. Thankfully I keep my sanity through various means up to and not including setting virtual meat puppets on fire in Borderlands, and watching anime. I do this for you, good citizens of the void.

Anyway, long time no write here, and I’ve been keeping up on the current watchings here and there, among other things, so let’s get this shit going.

spoilers, academy city is the source of newtypes and gundams. HABBEB IT!

Railgun is almost to the finish line and it seems like they are sort of setting up for a blitz-rush finish, the last four episodes have really been more episodic and lacking any movement into the story, at least until now with yet another storyline tied into the “AIM Diffusion Field” jargon from both the first half of Railgun and the last quarter of Index. Index fans will recall just what AIM meant to the end of that series and either we’re going to see what that leads up to in Railgun, or another crazy scientist lady who strips in public. No LEGENDARY BADASS Misaka moments though, sorry guys.

porn always gets me hot and bothered too

I didn’t have many expectations going into Chu-Bra, and really, I continue to watch much for the same reason this kid is the only guy in the “Underwear Appreciation Club”, because guys are perverted trash and you know you are watching this for cheap fanservice trainwrecks, despite the fact that they pretty much tease you like a 19 year old camwhore on /b/ refusing to show the goods and instead showing you her 1UP T-shirt she bought from Hot Topic because she is so geek! Face it, you know you’d rather be watching Ladies vs. Butlers if you wanted real tits…

I wonder if implants float...
in the event of a water landing, your tits may be used as a floatation device...

…oh look, Ladies vs. Butlers… and oh look, more of Flameheart’s tits, god this show is wonderful. Plot is of course weak at best, or rather you know it’s going to probably end with some Flameheart x Akiharu because Japan loves shipping tsunderes with just about anything. But who needs a plot when you have actual tits on screen with no censoring? If you haven’t figured out by now, I have no shame, and I still have a girlfriend. Sometimes it pays to have a girl who is as terrible as you when it comes to this kinda thing.

this reminded me of Asha's "running shit" joke from #rafters long ago
when you have to go and you slip and fall... well... you know the rest...

Soranowoto of course has been my favorite still this season, it’s not fuckwin awesome like Railgun but it’s funny and it’s subtle in many ways than one, it’s still K-ON! in the army, but it’s still a pretty good watch. They dropped somemore hints on the past and present in the story, and you start to form a picture on what actually happened in the world and what led them all to be the “Maidens of the Fortress” and I imagine that will only solidify as the series goes on.

I have the latest Baka Test episode but pushed it off for the moment because I’m working Panera tonight, but the previous episodes can be summarized as traps, bad food, and cold showers. I’ve also been badly neglecting catching up on Yumiero and will attempt to get that squared away sometime soon.

Also it looks like Chartfag has Spring 2010 Version 1 up, and as soon as I break down what I will be following, I’ll let the entire 2.6 of you know.

Also, if you play Borderlands, hit me up, looking for people to help me powerlevel my siren.

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