Idiot Control Now

i mustn't run away... i mustn't run away... i mustn't run away...
it's HIMEJI or nothin'

Usually a couple shows out of the current season get squatted on by what’s left of the fledgling US anime industry, I of course am speaking about Funimation which of course pretty much is anime in the US as everyone else ejected after finally realizing they weren’t getting high anymore off the weeaboo wave of the earlier part of this decade. Much like The Great Video Game Crash of the 1980’s, yet another aspiring industry learned how oversaturating the market with a good thing leads to nothing but bad things. A topic for another day perhaps.

Baka Test 7 and 8 continue to push the ever random non-story of summoned beings and tests. In a way, it pretty much mimics the same type of reference humor Seitokai no Ichizon attempted, but with a much more amusing set of characters and occasional plot. Still, ain’t nothing wrong with pink hair tits– IMEAN Himeji, or her summoned being when it’s being possessed by the last Angel.

Introducing, Epyon Himeji!

Also it is worth noting that Ladies vs. Butlers broke the start-to-tits record for the latest episode, by one second. Yep. 0:04 and you get tits in a shower scene. Of everyone’s favorite scheming bitch no less.

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