So far this season’s draw seems to be evening out fairly well compared to the last two, and although this is being probably lopsided by the fact that K-ON!! S2 is this season it doesn’t mean the other lot isn’t “Kampfer-caliber” terrible. Without further notice:


K-ON!! continues the story of four five girls who play rock instruments and rock the fuck out while eating cake and RUCKY STARAN it up. Sometimes I am surprised that Microsoft doesn’t seize the fantastic opportunity to market an anime version of Guitar Hero with K-ON!! characters and songs in order to actually sell more than 10 Xbox 360’s in that country. Nevertheless, if you like Lucky Star type random and some musical instruments, you’ll enjoy watching this, it ain’t half bad.

Sub Group: CoalGuys
First Rating: 7

blue... white... blue... white...

Mayoi Neko Overrun! is about cakes. Japan loves cakes. Oh, and it’s about cats. Japan loves cats. A cat is fine too. Cakes and cats, and apparently orphans. So you have a tsundere, a “normal”, a weeaboo, a martial-artist, a loli, several other random characters, and a cat girl. Together you have something that nearly mimics Nyan Koi without the fantastic twin-tails. Having ended the episode as they introduce the cat girl, I guess I am going to have to watch the second episode.

no clothes, no underwear, fox only, final destination?
wincest? you decide.

The rest of Baka to Test Shoukanjuu is coming out slowly from Mochi and it of course continues to take random and shove it in more than six directions of terrible. Sadly I keep watching it for the cute that is Himeji and the LOL RANDOM element. Eventually they’ll get the last two episodes out. Eventually.

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