Black Magicks

I like how the girl without big tits is the one who wants all the sex in this series
see now if this was chu-bra she'd be grabbing those suckers

B Gata H Kei is like trying to watch a camwhore on the Internet, they want it so bad, but they’re just one big tease that doesn’t understand the meaning of TITS OR GTFO. What’s sad here is that of the other two major female characters who actually have tits, one has a boyfriend and the other is trapped in the friend zone with Kousada, who is pretty much a camera nerd who hasn’t picked up on the fine art of exploiting for fun and profit. In reading the short bit on Wikipedia about ANN’s initial comments on the series, frankly, I don’t know how anyone can honestly be surprised at the “pandering to otaku men-children” since almost all fanservice anime is made for them. The only way this series could get worse is if you replaced all the characters with black and hispanic counterparts and called it BABY DADDY and reverse the premise so it’s about a girl who actually keeps her legs closed. As not to be completely racist, you may also substitute “White Trash America” as well, I’m fair. All kidding aside, this series is still worth a few laughs, so not completely written off yet.

Our cute little Yui is going to make a fine addition to A Pimp Named Slickback
...stuff it in my thong while I jam out to Led Zepplin! OH YEAH!!

K-ON!! is still about music and cake. So far they haven’t done anything HOLY CRAP LIONS yet in the first two episodes aside from letting you know that by the end of this season, only Azu-nyan will be left in the club, which means Season Three will be K-ON!! – THE NEXT GENERATION with it’s two sequels K-ON!! – DEEP CAKE NINE where everyone goes into an alternate dimension and ends up joining the army and living in a remote castle playing trumpets and Tsumugi likes fonding tits, and K-ON!! – VOYAGER where the Light Music Club travels back in time and steals Yui’s panties causing her to be late for a show and collapsing the timeline and everyone wakes up realizing they’re an extra on Lucky Star except Ritsu who ends up in a random episode of Who’s The Boss? front of her brother too
when you see this... you'll shit bricks...

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou (we’re gonna call this “Demon King” from now on) is probably number three on my watchlist this season, not only for uncensored awesome, but for combining Maburaho and Disgaea among several other Magic School series into something that has been pretty interesting to watch. They introduced a number of characters in the first and second episode that it was a tad confusing to figure out where things were going, but it’s slowly coming together that this will be serious magicks coupled with unfortunate events that often turn into fanservice wins. Oh, and rope thongs, no really!

this is no mwu la flaga girl, no mwu la flaga
actually said, or sub group homage? you decide!

Mayoi Neko Overrun is number two on my watch list as this series is just plain fun to watch, it balances service with a smile and while not having an overly elaborate story as of yet, it’s just fun to watch everyone on the screen do whatever. I’m also impartial to tsunderes and cats so your mileage may vary.

he's fluent in javascript as well as klingon
fun fact: stupid people fall to their knees to the sound of pi

Angel Beats is my current top pick this season and may actually motivate me to want to enlist the help of a friend in making one of the overcoats with the logo on it for next year’s Katsucon provided I can then replicate a good looking sniper rifle that would be allowed inside the convention. Or a repainted Nerf N-Strike Maverick. Anyhow this series has an interesting story, interesting characters even if Yuri reminds me too much of Haruhi and the whole plot also reminds of Haruhi and The Matrix, but still, it’s fun to watch and will make you want to shop WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW should they actually beat the Angel.

your fourth question is, how does she fight so well with tits that big?
this scene would have been more awesome with jello and the other chick naked

Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor at this point has alluded that that guy/girl/thing that manipulated events in the end of Dragon Destiny might still be alive and pulling the strings again in this season. Other highlights include Hakafu being an idiot, Ryomou still being hot, and tits. Stay tuned!

maybe she is afraid of men because she IS one? WHAT A TWIST!
I'd say her hair trumps both her height AND breasts

Finally last but not least, Working! this week follows the girl who is afraid of guys and her unabashed abuse of the new male employee. We also learn that the manager doesn’t do much and asks for food a lot. I think I like watching this show because it reminds me of working in food service, except not nearly as cute co-workers.

To wrap up this long-ass update, I present to you the Greatest and Best Screenshot Of All Time:


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