Son, I am disappoint

You know what is worse than leaving a series open-ended for a sequel? Deliberately leaving it open-ended for a sequel. It’s like a forced meme on /b/, memes are things to be created after the fact. Good sequels come when you least expect it, or at the very least, they wrap up whatever the fuck it is they were doing in the first season before going into the second.

Tsundere until the end.
I'm sorry Morino, but your princess is in another season.

Ookami-san did not end well, in my opinion. For a series that didn’t have a concrete plot, and pretty much just strung together a series of episodes where Ootagi Bank did favors, Morino becomes less of a gay boy and kicks some ass, and a thin rape plot involving Ookami’s ex, you would have thought that by the end of 12 episodes, you’d at least have something that would rival a fellow series, Toradora. Not only does Toradora do a much better job of fusing a tsundere character and a fumbling male MC, but at least Ryuji was pretty cool on his own, and didn’t need some cat kid who likes playing the “Meow Game” from Super Troopers to be badass.

In the end, it was a good series that had some good moments, but overall, this was a piss poor excuse to set up an obvious second season. Dropping the ball, JC, dropping the ball.

Title: Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
Sub Group I Watched: Mazui
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 7

Asobi and Strike Witches end next week, Seitokai and K-ON!! the week after. New season starts in October, confirmed are Index S2 and Sora no Otoshimono: Forte along with a handful of others for evaluation.

You got me, I did tear up a little for Azusa. Not my fault she is the best character of this series.
Poor Azusa, always running into walls

K-ON!! 24: Well, the girls are graduated and Azusa finally admits she will miss them and that they shouldn’t leave. They play a song for her, and that’s about that. It says “The End” at the end but I think there are two more episodes, at least one focusing on what Azusa will do now with The Light Music Club in her hands. Here is to hoping she totally rocks the fuck out and there is no season three.

Oh me.

She doesn't need any rockets at all for Ella.
She only needs one rocket to light your fucking socks off

Strike Witches 11: So the final operation is here, Mio is pretty much tapped out of magic and more, and refuses to admit this, while the rest of the 501st escorts the Neuroi-ified Battleship Yamato which contains an upgraded and contained version of the Warlock from last season, aimed at punching through and destroying the Hive above Lucchini’s home country of Romanga Rome. Needless to say if this had succeeded, the show would be done now, but with the final episode next week, the ship failed to punch through and we are left in the final seconds of the episode with Mio rushing for it without her sword, or shield, or much magic, Fox only, Final Destination. My reaction when the episode ended:


I have not watched Asobi yet, but I don’t expect much to happen. I’m getting kinda tired of anime lately taking up most of the episodes doing nothing and then just ending, like they expect to pick up second seasons. Short-season anime is fine, but series like Strike Witches seem to do 12/13 episode runs a lot tighter than some of these other shows.

But here is hoping that Index 2 fucking rocks.

Oh who am I kidding. When does Saki season two start?

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