Oh Lucchini, you card.
Always looking for soft pillows to lay on... or just fondle.

Strike Witches S2 continues it’s mix of story and fanservice in introducing a new witch who appears for one episode to taunt Barkhorn and Hartman and team up with Hartman to take out a Neuroi that was covering a town, but forgot to cover the sea underneath it. Personal feuds were settled and in the end, the only highlight was Lucchini declaring Shirley superior in bust size.

The camera is part of her body after all.
She sees what you did everywhere.

Seitokai Yakuindomo does its school festival complete with the usual sex jokes and Hata-isms. I had talked about dropping this show, and honestly it started getting better the last couple episodes, mostly with random shit like GEORGE-EEEEEEEEEEEE among other things.

Why isn't this a carhop? What the hell Japan? Next thing you know you'll be doing Waffle House.
Holy shit, A&W in my anime? Get the fuck out.

Asobi ni Iku Yo by now we’ve got cat girls, a dog girl, a horde of robots, a cat religion founded by a rich girl with eccentric maids, and the main character and his mini-harem armed with guns. Episodes usually are either shit blowing up, the girls vying for who gets to bone the MC first, or odd things related to the cat girl.

But seriously, A&W? Wat?

Shit son, we're gonna retreat but I am gonna give you the evil eye anyway. Oh, that'll be 100 bucks also for my wardrobe.
You know when closed-eyes characters open their eyes slightly, they mean fucking business.

Ookami-san now, I understand the whole ex-boyfriend part, he used you, dumped you, spread rumors that you were a slut, but how does this all come back around now? Does he just enjoy trolling people? Is there some sort of BIG BAD in play? I realize all of this is the means to justify the male MC to get together with the female MC in the end, but really, the only thing keeping this together is the realization this is “Railgun for Relationships”

Does Japan seriously have all these sorts of breads?
Those silly graduates. They were too busy eating cake to notice.

K-ON!! the girls are graduating, all going to the same college, Azusa and Co. is left behind, what do we make of this franchise once it is over soon? Season Three? K-ON! in College? K-ON! with Azusa and Ui? Part of me hopes they do not make any more of this series afterwards, but considering the cash they’ve pulled in from it, you figure more will probably be made.

Fall season approaches, and with it comes more random things. I’ll rehash my post from before on what I plan to track this year later in the week.

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  1. The thing with Asobi (the only show I actually manage to follow this season) is that they are “literally” advertising for Okinawa. You can even see it in the credits. Also notice how they show off the scenery and what not.

    Those catgirls weren’t dumb when they decided to go to Okinawa of all places. Heck, they probably knew Japan would be the place to go for them (a place well familiar with the concept of “catgirls”, and the Cat’s tech is so advanced, they began to make it look “cute”) as the Dogsian knew the US would be the perfect cover for her (dogs are man’s best friend and her tech wasn’t cutesy like the Cat’s tech).

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