Anarchy on the Streets

This week’s selection wasn’t quite awesome, but there were a few crowning moments of awesome to be had.

He'd sure break her illusion. All night long.
You break that illusion, bro. Break it like you'd break Misaka's-- oh.

Index II 09 got a little more interesting as Touma and Co. try to capture Magic McHugeTits during the sports competition, only managing to injury themselves and Schoolgirl McHugeTits in the process, along with embarrassing Misaka some. At the end though, it seems Touma is bound determined to SUPER PUNCH OUT some big magical titties. Oh JC STAFF, you card!

Rule 34
Rules one and two of Ika Musume: You DON'T fuck with Chizuru

Ika Musume 09 was rather amusing this week, with Ika making a new friend out of doorbell ditching, trying figure out the secret of makeup, and evading disintegration by the MIT goon squad, only for Chizuru to UNLEASH HOT FURY and resolve the situation. Ending also changed with her new friend in the shot. HHNNNNNNGGG.

Actually I would not. But you get the idea.
If I could nosebleed from this, I would

Panty and Stocking 10 was… er… ehhhhh…. meh. Not their best episodes by far. “Inside Brief” and “Chuck to the Future” were both pretty terrible and frankly I am going to spend zero time on them because they were that bad. However, the D-City Rock musical short at the end was worth the wait, especially if you’re a Gaga fan I’m told. Honestly, if you are going to go as far as to parody Back to the Future‘s logo, at least make a goddamn episode that parodies BttF. Fuck!

Way to BSOD your Angeloid, moron.

Sora no Otoshimono Forte 10 highlights just how ingenious Tomoki’s plans are to peep at girls, erecting pipes with mirrors all over the city with which to peep at naked girls. Sohara and the Angels however try to troll him by shining light into one to fry him. They however learn one cannot troll and troll and get a good look at his junk, except Ikaros who gets a kissy face, causing her to HHNNNNGGGGGG, overload, and purge her active memory of Tomoki, ending the episode. At the end, it seems the sleeping crazy chick returns, setting the stage for maybe some real plottan next episode.

Still waiting on this week’s MM! (should be out by tomorrow) and Ore no Imouto (Monday-ish). Only 3 more weeks until the end of this season and the start of something more cruel. Maybe.


Fry's money photoshopped in
Take My Money - Ika Musume Edition

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