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With the holidays and other things work and home I didn’t get to watching two weeks worth of anime until this weekend, and even then I crammed it into the evenings after helping out with moving office furniture. But fear not, I got your back, everything covered here except UN-GO, which I’ll get to tomorrow, and this week’s Ben-to and Gundam AGE, but I’ll recap the previous. Going in random order:

About damn time. It's go time.
Guess who's back. Back again. Shana's back. Guess you're dead.

The wait is over for those of us impatient through the story building, Shakugan no Shana Final heats up as Wilhelmia and Co. find the secret sneak attack into Seireiden with the goal of collapsing the barrier around the castle, destroying the portal, and rescuing Shana. This is the first real action scene for Khamsin Nbh’w, who was seen in the first season, along with Rebecca Reed. Fortunately, Shana’s strong will revives the sword and the spirit within to return to her and regain her powers. About fucking time. Let’s rip some shit up and set Darth Yuji vs. Shana into motion.

and not all over the wall
Well at least he got to the bed.

Haganai continues to be the best show this season, haters gonna hate. Every scene between Meat and Kukuku is adorable and priceless, and Rika is my idea of fun. A bit disappointed in no Yozora swimsuit edition for the pool episode, but perhaps the beach will nullify that.

Never trust the head chef

Working is just a barrel of non-stop awesome, seriously, with Yachiyro and the cell phone, Yamada doing Yamada things, Inami, and poor Popura, it’s never a dull moment at Wagnaria. Ever.

That Sanae.
...were set up to stalk Ika-chan? Yeuuuuuuuup.

Ika Musume squiddin’ around, what would she do without her shrimp? For that matter, what would Sanae do without her Ika? Probably molest other little girls.

Or just pierce the Martian Successors. Wait...

As I mentioned before yesterday, Gundam AGE plays off to me like an interchangeable model with a billion different parts. We all know Gundam exists to print money for Bandai, in models, and no doubt the base Gundam will be sold with lots of snap-on parts for it sold separately. Essentially Gundam has become Figma, and I’m not sure if I like that. That said though, the series has gotten pretty good, even if they’re still up to no major plot point, other than Beardsly McTurban striking backroom deals for warships to take on his foes. Emily also wasn’t a complete cunt, but that will no doubt happen when Flit tells her he is staying to fight. She’ll join the army anyway, and whatshisname will leave like that asshole from SEED did at the first sign of trouble.

Hide yo kids hie yo wife
Rule #1 - Don't Piss Off Yuno

Mirai Nikki is pure win, from the action to motherfucking creepy Yuno and her super-yandere with Yuuki. Seriously, she’ll kill children to keep him safe, and it’s fucking fantastic. That said though, I’m surprised they censored the knife in the kid, presumably because it was a kid she killed, but they also censored the end of the girl’s arm in the last episode. Crazy Japan. The BD/DVDs will probably be awesome. If you aren’t watching this show, you should.

Crazy literary people
Oh it's coming alright. Through your panties.

Ben-To stalls the fighting to introduce Kyo and Kyo, twin sisters with different silver hair styles. They apparently have taken an interest in The Ice Witch, and attempt to infiltrate a hospital they thought she was staying at, but it turns out to be Satou recovering from a fall he took to save his Sega Saturn. They provoke him in a way only sexy nurses can before realizing their error, after he shows his title off, and hypes up Oshiroi to write more of her yaoi about him. Such a good show, can’t wait to watch the latest tomorrow.

I'd undertake them.
That'ta boy Shu, eyes down there. Like a man.

I have to admit, Guilty Crown has turned out much better than I expected, almost a guilty pleasure to watch, even if it’s starting to settle into a monster-of-the-week format, the different awkward situations Shu and Inori can get into are worth the ticket price. The student council prez isn’t half bad either, although at first glance, I almost thought it was Gai in drag.

Cool Story Bro.
I watch Maken-ki for the plot.

Honestly, if anyone is watching Maken-ki because it’s an actual story with good characters, you best be joking son. It’s tits, tits, and more tits, and when they think you haven’t had enough tits, they introduce new character with tits to add to the other characters with tits. They’ve got more tits to give you on this show than you’ll see at a concert in a Buick with a fucking monkey. But seriously, is Tate and Mai Takaru and Haruko going to fuck, or what?

I’m pretty bad at keeping regular updates and updating the stuff on here, more so around the holidays, so expect updates to be sporadic over the next few weeks until the new year. The Winter 2011/2012 lineup should be starting to form or be final soon, so expect a preview of what I’ll be watching, which will no doubt be the final season of Zero no Tsukaima.

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