Another week down and some good episodes this week out for Denpa Otoko, GOSICK, Hanasaku Iroha, and Steins;Gate while some rather weak showings from A Channel and X-Men. SKET Dance continues to overall disappoint, so without further reaction, in order of this week’s WatchRanking…

I promise to hug it. A lot.

Denpa Otoko 6 was like 24 minutes of non-stop heart attacks in cute, either from their actions or the visual style, it was just that much fun. Not a whole lot of Meme this episode, but a lot of Ryuushi and Maekawa along with a hint of backstory between Erio and Ryuushi, which suggests something happened before her accident. Fun stuff indeed. Also, Maekawa’s innuendos are hilarious as shit played right.

She's pretty badass with a gun

GOSICK 18 wraps up another little arc exposing more of Victorique’s past as they escape Beezlebub’s Skull where Cordelia gave her the information she needed to solve the case and save themselves from another attempt on their lives. This episode was probably one of the best of the series, from start to finish, there was very few moments of downtime as they sought to throw in a little action to wrap up the arc with. With 6 episodes left, it will be interesting how they shore up what power Victorique actually has and what it will do for the kingdom.

What, no SEED sequence before rushing in? I'm disappoint!

Hanasaku Iroha 7 focuses a little on Tomoe and her personal life outside of the inn, which makes her look more like Misato from Evangelion. The episode played out almost like the episode from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu when they stormed the Women’s Bath. Unfortunately they got the FIRE HOSE and a salute from Tomoe, nudging her up a bit on the Delta Hanairo GirlsRanking chart that is non-existent, but if it was, Ohana is still on top.

The kinda shit I'd text message myself in the past.
-- Mayushii

Steins;Gate 7 goes a little deeper in the black hole as Okarin and the gang try a new idea in their time-travel experiments, which ends up with an eerie twist, and opening the door for what might be a strange set of circumstances in the future. I’m also curious to know what Moeka is actually after with the IBN 5100, and I have an odd feeling it has to do with SERN, or she is just a real introvert. My kinda woman, or I’m sure some would tell me that.

Also, no comment.
You think if I tell my kids this they'll make it to 21 without any accidental children?

Hidan no Aria 6 stalls the story a bit to backstory Shirayuki as she wedges her way into Kinji’s affairs and makes it a Three’s Company. No elaboration on the Sherlock Holmes the 4th part from last episode, though I suspect the final battle will be Lupin IV and Holmes IV in a cage match with Shirayuki and Reki for tag-ins, and Kinji as the prize. Yeah, one can dream.

Boob Sumo? If only I knew enough girls with huge tits that would do this.. in front of me.. with a camera..

For the those normal folks who don’t watch anime, but I’m sure have bedroom fantasies, or fantasies in general, can you really tell me that when something like Hoshizora 6 comes along and shows you something like “Boob Sumo” or “Boob Sponges” you really wish you knew enough girls without shame that would do this in front of you? I’ll say one thing, if I ever become rich, I’m sure I can make this happen, and it will be glorious. Fanservice aside, the entire episode was about studying. Also Ui and her brother, and some kinda failed wincest. This better not turn all YnS on me, that shit got strange at the end.

A Seven Minute Tour. (A Seven Minute Tour.)

Nichijou 7 spends seven minutes telling the story behind hair-ties.. apparently, leading into some other jokes about baseball, cats, and some other stuff I forgot. Really, the rank on this show in my chart is more reflective of the fact that this is a SoL comedy meant to be taken in pieces with no story as a whole. It’s damn entertaining, but nothing making it the best series this season.

Sometimes two, three, or thousands if you're in Haruhi
Always one of these episodes in every series

A Channel 7 I’ll be honest, I kinda skipped through a lot of this one, but it seemed to be about karaoke, festivals, and summer vacation being almost over. I was getting tired by this point, so I’ll leave it at that.

No words.
You read minds, and you can't read when the girl finds out when she's pregnant?

X-MEN 7 is starting to slide down a bit, and mostly because they spent one or two episodes stalling out on some asinine piece of the plot that doesn’t do anything. Two random guys show up, challenge them, and run away. Then Sasaki Yui says she had a kid with Professor X. Now those of us who’ve read the comics know this, but from Moira Taggard in Scotland, not some chick in Japan. I realize they’re doing a lot of Japan-wanking in this series (the OP sequence for example) but I mean, man, laying it on.

Captions say it all.

SKET Dance 7, eh.

Until next week~ tutturu~

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