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Another interesting week in paradise, and another pretty good week for airing shows. Aside from the usual suspects this week, I also gave Seikon no Qwaser II (and it’s predecessor) a watch, and while the fanservice is quite legendary, I probably will not include it in weekly ratings being this late in the game, but I’ll have a full review of the first one up at some point. Anyway, let’s get started:

Back to the Future IV: Doc Brown's decendents fuck up 2010.

As mentioned in the post earlier this week, Steins;Gate got epic this week, climbing to #1 on WatchRanking Week 9 and #4 overall, as Okarin’s latest D-Mail experiment turns up some potentially disastrous results. If it wasn’t for this show’s somewhat slow start, and my unfamiliarity with its source material, this show would’ve been battling for first on the chart a lot sooner, but it does not waste any time getting good while the getting. Fortunately they’re going to a full season, so this is going to be an awesome ride.


Hanasaku Iroha 9 wraps up the two-episode arc without “Madam Manager” and it ended pretty well, with Ohana finding Tohru in enough time to save the day, but at the expense of seeing Ko, who rode all the way out to see her, but ended up returning home as she was still on her way back with Tohru, and the inn was booked so he could not stay. This was a pretty good episode, and you can see a small layer of Minchi’s armor crack from Ohana’s will to bring Tohru back and save the day. No reaction from Madam Manager yet as they ended the episode as she got back, but we might see how Ohana performed in the next episode.

Good Watson, you're looking kinda cool...

GOSICK 20 doesn’t ease up on the final push into the end of the season, pitting Victorique against de Bloris as he puts forth a rather large mystery before her, into the circumstances behind Coco Rose’s death a decade earlier. The game however was changed when he announced if not solved, she would not return to the Academy. Kujo not willing to let him take her decides to put his own powers of deduction to the test and gather the missing pieces of the puzzle for her to solve the mystery, revolving around one of the dancers from a decade ago. He manages to succeed (I think) and the episode ends with her intention to find out the truth of this girl. I’m really not sure what they are planning for the final three episodes, but I hope they don’t slow down the pacing, it’s been pretty good and the best episodes of this series.

I did not expect this actually.
Battle Princess? Not your weak, whiny Toadstool.

Dog Days 9 starts to heat up as Millhi and Leon face off on the top of the castle, much to Leon’s dismay as she intended to face Cinque or Eclair instead, to break the prophecy she saw. Unfortunately it looks like for the moment, everything she has seen is coming true, as the clouds darken and a giant monster appears, halting the battle as the safety of the land’s protection weakens. Brioche and Yuki however sensed its presence before, and are no doubt going to appear in the next episode and hopefully avoid the prophecy. With only a few episodes left, hopefully this show keeps up the pace, and gets renewed for another half-season or full season in the future.

Why am I hoping they all can see her at some point?
Not your Field of Dreams, is it Jinta?

Anohana 8 ratchets up the BAWWWWW moments a bit as Jinta starts to doubt his ability to get the rest of the group to follow in his pursuit to grant Menma’s wish, and instead focuses on doing it himself. Unfortunately Anjou complicates it a bit by pretty much fully confessing herself to him in a hysteric fit, for which he doesn’t acknowledge and leaves. At the end, as he gets man-handled by Yukiatsu again, Menma appears in the clubhouse and Jinta’s being aware of it furthers tensions, until she somehow writes an entry in her diary and “drops it” on the floor. Yukiatsu reads it and confirms it to be her handwriting, and the episode ends on everyone starting to believe she may really be there. Honestly, I would love if Yukiatsu got punched by Jinta just once, just for being a heartless dick. I know Yukiatsu has his reasons, and from any perspective, Jinta is being selfish, but even assuming Menma is still a hallucination, Yukiatsu is just being a dick and doesn’t care how Jinta feels. It’s annoying. Also, poor Anjou, it’s tough being second place in someone’s heart even after first place has been long gone for years. The least Jinta could do was reciprocate her feelings a little, dick.

Just saying
You might wanna worry about being wrapped up in a futon first

Denpa Otoko 8 goes Meme this week, focusing on the events leading up to the bottle rocket launch from Meme’s perspective. Turning 40, it seems she wanted to fulfill something told to her once long ago on how to beat those “aliens in the sky” and alleviate some of her grandmother’s worries about mortality. She even got proposed to by an old friend, whom was building the rockets for who he thought was her daughter, but was actually Maekawa. The launch went well, and the episode ended. Not much happened this week and combined with other show’s events, Denpa slipped a little in this week’s chart, but remains a favorite.

What's next, Jack Kevorkian Jr.?
Jeanne d'Arc? Seriously?

I thought “Holmes the 4th” versus “Lupin the 4th” was kinda interesting, but “Jeanne d’Arc the 30th”? Hidan no Aria 8 is making where I’m starting to get real confused where the story is going here, is it about gun-toting “Texas wishes it were in this anime” students, or ancestors of both fictional and non-fictional characters? Actually Jeanne d’Arc is the first non-fictional character introduced, so does that mean we’re getting more? At any rate, we see the true power of “The Scarlet Miko” who dispenses Jeanne with ease allowing Aria to arrest her. Afterwards it seems they become friends and cheerleaders, and what the hell, shooting weapons into the air? This school man, this school.

You know you want to give her some exteme contact.

Hoshizora 8 goes to the beach and does the usual beach shenanigans, including teaching Ibuki and Ayumu how to swim. Meanwhile Madoka blunt forces out the question to Ui about if she likes Kazuma or not. She gives a weak reply back, but saying he reminds her of her older brother. Sakai also tries to get her apology out, and does, but not to what she intended, pushing that back on the queue for another episode. Ui proves she can smell food from a mile away and whacks a watermelon. Typical beach fare indeed. Also, for you Kazuma x Ibuki shippers, it looks like her letting him call her by her first name caught Ui’s attention, prepare for a triangle fuck. (We can only hope.)

Strawberry Shortcake. Serious Business.

Pretty funny first skit in this week’s Nichijou 9 where we learn you don’t fuck with Mio’s cake. She fucks with you. I don’t remember what else was in this episode, something about teachers and poems, baseball and cats, and some other random hi-jinks. Nichijou is the show I watch to space the fuck out for a bit really. Some episodes though are funnier than others. It’s a grab-bag.

Allow me to show you my rape face. I am a telepath after all.

X-MEN 9 picked up a little this week as it turns out Mastermind was behind an infiltration into Sasaki Yui’s lab, and something is beyond the giant door, but not before we find out that he fucked with Cyclops’ mind and had him see Emma Frost near Jean Grey during the Phoenix fight, hoping her defection to the X-MEN later on would see her destroyed or driven away by Scott’s Amazing Powers of Emo. Honestly I am mixed about this series, I was hoping for some anime X-MEN, but I’m getting a lot of “Secondary Mutation” bullshit, and I don’t find it very interesting in any way, especially when it’s all “ALL GLORIOUS NIPPON” heavily in it’s overall theme. I know, I know, earthquake and all, Marvel trying to please elevens, but come on, do something a little more interesting than spend several episodes focusing on Beast’s shit, not even the 90’s cartoon did. as the Tooru do...
When in Rome...

A Channel 9 rounds out this week with a little bit on Halloween, and Tooru’s interesting choice in casual garments. This episode was pretty fun, even not turning to too much drivel during the requisite insert song. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show, and it started out well, but halfway in, it kinda stalled and spun while other shows that stalled in the beginning are picking up steam. I would’ve liked this one to not have stalled, because it is pretty good overall.

And that’s the week, back to watching tit-sucking and general lawls known as Seikon no Qwaser. Seriously, it’s pretty lulzy.

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