I can't help but lose my shit to this character
Bouncy~ Bouncy~

Between getting ready for Saimoe 2012 and other ventures I’ve been pretty lazy about getting some anime time in. So if you actually read these things, sorry about that. This week will be brief as well unfortunately, but I’ll try to add on to it tomorrow or Tuesday, especially after this week’s Yuru Yuri is out.





Bet that is how he courted Emily
That Frito, always hitting a man while he is down

The battle for Luna Base wrapped up in this week’s Gundam AGE as predictably, the death flag rang for our dead Spriggan at the hands of ol’ Frito himself, but only after she SUPER X-ROUNDERED everyone except for Asemu, who not being an X-Rounder just kinda stood there and let his space pirate SUPER PILOT skills kinda waste. The fight ended without the death missle being fired, but it looks like the plot is setting up for the final battle between GENESIS the Vagan base and Earth. I’m not sure what will happen at this point, Frito wants all the Vagan dead, Asemu wants Zeheart’s nuts, and Kio just wants everyone to get along. So I dunno what the hell is going to happen at this point, maybe the ghost of Yurin will come back and knock some goddamn sense into Frito so he can realize he spent the last fifty years chasing revenge and die a happy man. Or Emily shoots him. Both would be fun.

But those Lan and Muginami faces.
Is she implying she sleeps around more than Madoka? I think she is.

Quite honestly, Rinne no Lagrange is a great show to watch, and perhaps because it’s not about robots so much as it is about awkward teenage girls who can’t figure out how to feel about piloting them, or really anything. In many ways I liken this show to a modern-day Tenchi Muyo in that “Aliens appear from space, quarrel with each other, but in the meantime, funny things happens with some random hapless Earth resident.” The focus of this season is the “big bad” being the two alien worlds will collide, and both seem to want to use Madoka’s power over Midori to blow the other one up, or at least Lan’s brother wants to. Madoka meanwhile just wants Lan and Muginami back as her friends and doesn’t care, but Madoka being Madoka she will do whatever it takes to facilitate that, including talking to strange red women and getting embarrassed over her lack of a sex life. What can you NOT like about this show?

I mean comeon, they're trying to kill me
Twintails? On Leomitchelli? I lost my shit.

It’s so difficult to say you hate furies when you enjoy anthropomorphic cute girls doing cute things, and between Dog Days and Strike Witches, they’re killing me. Fortunately I give no fucks and I am watching this shit without fail, because it’s fantastic. It’s every bit as good as the first season and more, going into the cracks between the countries and characters and having some fun along the way. Admitingly, with three heroes now instead of one, it’s a bit easier to watch because now not everything is on Cinque which allows some of these other characters to get screen time. Still, I’m expecting another “big bad” to show up like first season that is going to see all three heroes at it, just seems to be the natural progression of this sort of thing. If they get to a third season, I wonder if they’ll pull some of them back to Earth. I dunno why, but with shows like this, Zero no Tsukaima, and other alternate-dimension shows, I’d like to see the shoe on the other foot, the person from fantasy land being in the normal world. I know, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, but Earth-people know about their alternate dimension, so it doesn’t count. Think outside of the box!

Haw haw
Don’t you want to take it slow with her? Just saying.

Okay, I understand that the central point of the story in Accel World is Haru gets bullied a lot, he’s an anti-social shut-in, and fat, and all that, but fuck if that means anything in the vidya, and it seems like the second-half of this show is trying to crush his vidya world as well as his real one with this jack-off Nomi. I know, an anime character can’t “win everything” they have to come to their soul-crushing loss before they can power the fuck up and win the day, but to put him on the ropes and have the whiny bitch heal him? Fuck man. I raged. I really did. This is a silly anime and I raged. Well done guys, well done.

In other news, I decided to drop AKB0048 several weeks back and thus I will not post a final review for it. Frankly, it did not hold my attention the same way Idomaster did, or anything else from spring season. It started out okay, but once it got to the “idolan” it idled. Pun intended. I just didn’t really care for it, and judging from the Saimoe preliminaries, no one else did either. Oh well.

That’s as much as I have for now, I’ll try to tack some more onto this tomorrow perhaps. Ain’t no rest for the wicked.

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