No TK love for her
Poor Ayano.

So I powered through some shows I haven’t watched in weeks to catch up on, and hopefully be back on track by the end of the week. With so many shows to watch and only so many hours outside of work to watch while getting everything else done, it becomes tremendously easy to lose track of things. But then you get the fun of watching more than one episode at a time, so that’s a bonus.





Oh my.

We’re still trawling through the final exam in Space Brothers and as fun as it is to watch, I didn’t expect them to chew up this much of a full season show on this test. I mean, I can’t predict within 100% accuracy of who will become the two astronauts but it will probably be Nanba and Itou, so honestly it’s like we’re being strung along for the process– oh.. for fucks sake, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE JAXA.

And how to steal the underwears
This man knows how to party

Hagure Yuusha seems to be plodding along nicely, what with tits and magic battles and whatnot. Can’t say there is much going on in the show to note right now, but there seems to be some subplot a-brewing involving some organization and their efforts to send magicians to war or someshit. I won’t lie, I’m watching this mostly for the fanservice right now, at least until they convince me that the magic and sorcery is worth watching.

Or girls dressed in cat-like clothing
My favorite game to play with cat-girls.

Now in the beginning I said this show was 50-50 because I wasn’t sure how “yet another Japan civil war show” would pan out, but Oda Nobuna no Yabou is actually panning out quite well given what we’re working with, the mostly-female cast is pleasing, the male lead isn’t a completely whiny bitch, only sometimes, and Ninja Girl is badass and cute as fuck when she stutters, so this one has a chance to go places, provided it doesn’t fuck it up.

Uhuhuh-huhuh-huh, she said ‘balls’ uh-huhuh-huh

Seriously, Yuru Yuri is such fun to watch, and maybe it is just because I appreciate a show that is light and not serious, or maybe because ten minutes of Akarin talking to herself and missing a train twice is just funny as hell, but also just the way every character relates to the others. But this week? Poor Ayano. No Toshino Kyouko for her.

I missed a couple shows, but I’ll grab those next week maybe. I also owe ya’ll three posts on Gundam SEED HD 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20 soon, I haven’t forgotten. Sage has been getting the episodes out slowly as I am pretty sure they’re in the high 30s by now, but they’re the best quality subs and their work on AGE is excellent, so I’ll wait for their releases. Personally I can’t wait to see Freedom in some glorious widescreen HD, but Kira/Strike days were glorious in this show. I really wish Destiny didn’t ruin the franchise so much.

Anyway, final reminder, Saimoe starts next Tuesday with the first round, a lot of characters in the running this year, I’ve got a full roster to manage of favorites, so hit up and other sites for more information.

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