Good News Everyone: Several Years Ago ZAFT Attacked Some Guys, and It Just Went Through


Remember how I was going to review Gundam SEED for its HD run on television? Well, technically I did the first five episodes, that counts, right?

Well, I fell behind on it mainly from that season’s haul, and the fact that the episodes weren’t being subbed very quickly. I love Sage and all they do, both with Gundam, and with Initial D, and a lot of their woes were dependent on getting a quality release. Regardless, they’ve only done up to episode 24 so far, and while that shouldn’t have stopped me from reviewing those, I’d like to sweep this into a nice complete package, especially given the fact all the episodes have aired.

Well, in my torrent sweep yesterday I noticed the complete 1-50 BD-rip was available, but the catch was, while subtitles existed, they were SUP rips from the BD bundled with the MP4 video files. Ergh. This means I’m going to have to convert them either to ASS and play them side-by-side with the video (if MPC-HC will), or remux them with the video, which involves converting them to SRT so that Handbrake will import them and fold them into the conversion to MKV. All together, this is a process that will take roughly 1-1.5 hours per episode.

So it was either that, or wait to see if Sage or someone takes those and does their magic to them. I opted for the former.

So over the next few weeks I’m taking on the project of converting all of these files over so I can watch them, then I will deliver on that almost-year-old promise to review Gundam SEED proper for the blog. It’s a tough job, but I do it for the whole three of you who read this shit.

As you were.

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