Plastic Dreams

This is going to be terribly short, because that’s what this show was, short. I noticed it on Nova’s blog a few days back and figured, eh, what the hell? A sub group was kind enough to put all the episodes together into one episode straight, and it was the fucking craziest twenty-five minutes of my life, at least for the moment.

I can’t really explain it to you, it’s about girls in a club who build models, wear little models on their head, and generally beat the shit out of each other. There is also stereotypical American females, GIANT GIRLS WHO DEMAND MOCHI, pelvic-thrusting sports players, a tank, and whatever else. Just go download it, watch it, spit things over your desk, and then we’ll do deli. It’s easier than me typing.

[AnimeNOW] Plastic Nee-san (BD 1920x1080 10-bit x264 FLAC) [E52D4BF9].mkv_snapshot_10.03_[2013.05.12_17.57.21]

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