Part Two of my weekend catch-up on everything I’ve slacked off on due to not caring about some shows, or other life events going on that forced me to miss a week. Fortunately for you, I am completely caught up now, and have little blurbs about the rest of the list I didn’t get to yesterday, as well as another spot for Gargantia as this week’s episode aired earlier today, so I moved 07 over and updated that. Blahblahblah ON~


Cause I mean, we gotta see this.
Animation or it didn’t happen.
Shingeki no Kyojin 08
“You spank that potato girl. Hard.” –twitter.com/tldranimu
When you’ve read this far in the manga, it makes it difficult to watch the anime because you know what will happen. But the way the animation is going about, it just keeps me wanting to watch more rather than have to go back and read, and fuck if that don’t suck. Mikasa really is probably the reason everyone watches this show, that or Potato Girl, either way, now that we’re up to Eren coming out of the abnormal Titan, shit is about to get deep. Not DEEP, just deep. There is a difference. Learn it.

Weird, right?
I can’t even think of a witty caption, the subs kinda speak for me.
Yuyushiki 07
“There is clearly not enough data being processed here. Not even by half.”
I’ll admit, it’s a fun show. I had three episodes to watch as I was that far behind on the show, and I threw it on the other monitor while I did some other stuff on the primary and glanced over from time to time. It’s a show where the reaction faces and things happening are fun, but everything else is largely forgettable. Even the fact they’re in the “Data Processing Club” is merely a pretext to talk about random shit, but lately they’ve just been wandering around school or home and taking their random shit there. Still, compared to Oregairu, this is much easier to watch. So there’s that.

Yep Yep.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru 08
I guess the idea behind SNAFU is that the intention was to make a show function as a romcom, and mock the concept of romcoms inside the show, like some kind of blatantly obvious meta-INCEPTION of itself. Model your main character off the last boring guy who talks in riddles, combine that with a partial tsundere bitch, and toss in a spunky self-depreciating female student totally in love with the female lead, and you have a recipe for success, right? Go home Brains Base, you’re drunk.

Highlander. It's a documentary.
Arata Kangatari 06
“Battle Royale: Alternate World Edition”
For an adventure series, of which I’ve yet to really crack into the manga, it’s pretty good, but not over or underwhelming. It’s the right balance of action, dialogue, and unrelated nonsense. There isn’t much else to really put at that with, it’s okay.

I mean, just look at that face. She wanted him to rape her.
Presenting your Tsundere of the Year, Nakamura Sawa
Aku no Hana 07
“Baudelaire’s Gate”
I haven’t really been paying attention to Rotoscope no Hana, and I suspect most of the hype from the first couple episodes faded out midway into the series. As I said back at the start, it’s not the visual style of the manga, which would be okay, but the rotoscoping style is just absurd, I’ve been pan-scanning the episodes mostly for reaction faces and certain scenes from the manga to see how they’re animated. I still can’t wait to see if they animate a few of the good scenes from the manga, that will be worth it’s weight in gold. I mean, look at this shit…


…you know you want to hit that, right? She wants the D. Kasuga’s D.

Not really.
Aww yeah, you keep snapping wet Aki pics. I’ll be right here. Fapping.
Photo Kano 08
I get it, we’re doing a dating sim show where the protag courts the girls with his large camera, literally. It’s not terrible to watch this show, the production values are fairly consistent, and it has this charming absurdity to it that makes you want to stick around a bit to see what happens. But it’s definitely a BEST GIRL competition, and damn if I didn’t get sucked into it with Aki, I mean, glasses fetish, me? Fuck Japan man, they know how to pull us fucks into these messes. BRB, gonna go take pictures of schoolgirls nearby. Oh wait, that’s gonna get me arrested. THANKS, JAPAN.

Super Serial.
The hair is down, shit’s getting SERIOUS now.
Suisei no Gargantia 08
“Bellows can salvage my seabed ANY time…”
If you asked me to pick one show from this season that was the overall best, it’d be tough, but Gargantia is still in the lead running for it. Maybe I’m delusional, but for an Urobuchi show, it’s rather good, partly because of the setting, which as I’ve coined before, is pretty much Overman King Gainer at sea, but also the characters. I still can’t decide between Ridgett and Bellows for BEST GIRL, and even Amy and her friends have their butts in that running. Perhaps it is the “frontier feel” of the show, much like Star Trek was, when you’re surrounded by the unknown, just doing your thing to live, and trying to find a reason for everything. You see it in both Ledo and the people of Gargantia, they have no fucking idea where they are or what they’re doing, but they do things anyway to survive. Ridgett really pulled out the feels in this episode though, man. Also MANLY TEARS (aka the Standard Mecha Post-Death Salute) for Commander Fairlock. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Not anything serious though. Nothing of value was lost.
Only slightly.
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W 07
Sorry dudes, I like the characters in Nyaruko, but the show is just awful, like last season. I guess I hyped myself up for nothing really. It’s now fallen one tick above SNAFU on my weekly priority meter. But hey, you get swimsuits, and Luhy was worth watching part of this episode. The little things.

I Seriously Hope You Don't Do This: Oreimo-Style
I Seriously Hope You Don’t Do This: Oreimo-Style

So everything is square now going into the final four weeks of the season. Only Railgun, Shingeki, Majestic Prince, and maybe Valvrave go into the next season, so out with everything else and in with some new stuff. I’m looking to finalize the chart this week for that and have the first draft up this weekend. Then maybe we’ll look into nailing down more of the old shit I was supposed to do forever ago.

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