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Well, I’m back, and freshly married to a three-dimensional woman, much to some of your disappointments. The wedding and reception was fantastic, and our couple nights at a casino and hotel were great, but it’s back to the grind and back to the animus. Still playing catch up on everything, but I think I got the major shit nailed down, let’s get to it.


Embarassed Kuroneko is the BEST Kuroneko
Ore no Imouto 08
“This entire episode exists for Kuroneko porn. Do you like Kuroneko? Is she your favorite? WELL HAVE WE GOT A DEAL FOR YOU~” –
Kuroneko fans will love this episode, because it’s almost entirely Kuroneko, Kuroneko-isms, Kuroneko embarrassing reaction faces, and Kuroneko-cute. As an added bonus, you get Kuroneko’s little sisters being cute as well. Honestly, for such a lackluster series overall, this episode was probably one of the best, even though they spoil it with Kirino a couple times. It seems Ruri has a master plan with her relationship with Kosaka, getting him to go on dates, come to her house, and everything that comes with a standard relationship, but where it sounds to get muddy is her picture of Kosaka and Kirino, like she wants them to be in this similing, happy relationship. Finally, at the end, her last goal, break up? Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter much, Manami is still on deck, right?


Oh, whoops, I forgot.

Like all good villains.
Aw shit, he’s going to monologue, isn’t he?
Majestic Prince 08
“THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. Damn, but man. o.o” –
It took seven episodes to really reveal what MJP was all about, and that was seven episodes too many. It seems the identities of our Jovian Lizards are out, and now that Izuru has had a one-on-one with Jiato, the jury is out to see where this goes from here. I’m expecting a rather Nadesico-like revelation next episode of OMG THEY’RE HUMAN WE’RE KILLING HUMANS LALALALALALA or some shit like that. It also seems the memory-wiping thing from before they enter school might come back into the plot at some point. MJP may not be a cliche as Valvrave, but it still sticks to some conventional mecha tropes that make it difficult to love, but also difficult to hate. I’m still holding out for more Tamaki and Kei fanservice.

You just read that in Takai's voice, didn't you?
I wonder why my hand is at an angle.. OH MY~
Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko 06
“Why wouldn’t you just wish for more TITS on Tsukiko?”
Henneko by all rights should be fairly stale when it comes to what it depicts, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it, the characters are pretty good and each episode remains mostly consistent with the last. Tsukushi turning into this overly emotional lewd girl is also just icing on the cake at this point, though Azuki is pretty formidable. The whole stony cat and supernatural thing actually helps break this up a bit so that it doesn’t get to be just a generic cute-girl comedy, not that there is anything wrong with that always, but have you looked at this season? Lot of competition.

She can TRAIN now.
Hataraku Maou-sama 08
“Why do I always end up rooting for the doomed girl?” –Jinx – 2013 Spring Midterm Notes
I’ve always had a soft spot for the “crossing over worlds” trope in television and anime, and Maou-sama isn’t new to that category, but it has been pleasantly consistent and awesome to watch in each episode to the point where I feel like I’ve always been watching this. Chiho is just too damn cute to pass up, I really can’t say no to short busty girls in anime. The story is sort of a mess, I mean, they tried to spice it up a few episodes ago with Lucifer and Olba, but quickly turned Lucifer into an ally and NEET and Olba into some new plot point involving a church, which will no doubt expose this deeper plot involving conspiracies and stuff. Maybe.


Nah, who am I kidding? KEEP THE GOOD TIMES ROLLING!

Or the Carlton-Remix
We call this the Saten-Shuffle in some circles
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 07
“When there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? RUIKO SATEN”
So far, JC STAFF has seemed to pick up on the fact that we all hated the filler in the first season of Railgun, so far, this iteration of Railgun has been pretty damn good from start to now, but we’re in this for a full season, so don’t expect the good times to roll forever. This past episode was mostly Kuroko, which ain’t bad sometimes as she’s one of the other reasons I enjoy the Raildex universe, but of course where she goes, Uiharu and Saten comes along, so it detracts from what we all came to see, and that is THE RAILGUN laying the smackdown on some research facilities. I did absolutely love the Accelerator scene from the last episode that was reminiscent of the manga…


…yeah, that’s the stuff.

Just another peaceful day…
Aiura 07
I really wish they made full episodes of this show, for serious, it’s just that good to watch, and perhaps being short is why we all like it, because it gives you that two minute burst of THE JOKE, or whatever, and lets go. Hell, even this weekly review is short, because what else can I say about it?

That’s about what I’ve caught up on so far, going to try to get everything wrapped up in a post tomorrow and then I’ll be caught up long enough to do it again. Will also work on getting a V1 of the Summer 2013 list up soon as well, getting pretty close to that soon. I’m also trying to finish up some older fare, notably Chihayafuru and Rozen Maiden, and by god I will also try to wrap up the Tenchi Muyo reviews due months ago.

Also, lemme know how you like this review format. I kinda like large centered screenshots and the larger font titles and quotes under. But you know, say something, you fucks. Also keep voting The Camera in the Photo Kano poll, I think it’s great. I’ll change that to something else soon enough.

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