Spring 2014 Preview


We’re a couple weeks away from a new season of crazy cartoons, and I’ve been pretty lazy about finishing the current season of crazy cartoons, much less writing about them. Here is a short TLDR.

TOO STRONK for Television
Soul Eater Not! – I know Soul Eater is mainstream now, but back when it aired, it was a fresh take on Bleach in a manner I actually enjoyed, until the ending was turned into some patchwork of shitty ideas. I’ve always wondered if they ever thought to go back and clean that up, but a side-story that focuses on a different set of characters isn’t a bad way to go either. It’s also the show that is more likely to actually want to be watched by my wife, as she actually likes this show.
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Admittingly, I haven’t finished the first round of Jojo, but I am about halfway through, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Any 4channer knows who Dio Brando is, because he represents early 4chan memes, but few actually know the badass that is Jojo and this franchise. Plus, dat ending song.
Dragonball Kai: Majin Buu-hen – When I tell people I am into anime, almost the first thing I get back is “You must like Dragonball Z then?” I really have to grit my teeth and laugh so as to not come off like Comic Book Guy and sound like a fat obsessive nerd when I explain why DBZ is a thing, but not the thing. Hipster logic aside, Dragonball Z is a comfortable plate of macaroni and cheese when you’re really in the mood for screaming Super Saiyan fun, and it’s a show that I am not ashamed to say I watch as a guilty pleasure. Kai has been excellent thus far in what has premiered, cutting down the fluff and making it worth watching, so another round is just fine with me.

Seems Legit
Seikoku no Dragonar – Imagine in Zero no Tsukaima, Louise summons Saito, and he isn’t a giant pussy and whips her good? Now less magic and more dragons. Seems like that might be interesting? Maybe. It’s an LN adaptation after all.
Mekaku City Actors – I always wondered what a modern-day Hand Maid May would look like in today’s moe-centric universe. Mekaku City Actors will probably not fit the bill, but a SHAFT spin on cyber-girls might get close.
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou – Either it’s going to be a light comedy with crazy hijinks, or I am going to drop it after episode two because it’ll end up being all about guys. I’m not sure which. I just saw “guy living with perverts with a girl there” and assumed the worst. By worst I mean best.
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san – The last show involving dogs did not pan out so well, so that is a reservation going in here, but Seven has been pretty dependable for me in the manga-turn-anime department. So we’ll hope for the best.
Black Bullet – As long as this doesn’t dissolve into Guilty Crown level bullshit, it seems interesting enough to warrant a first look.
Akuma no Riddle – Girl assassins? How can this possibly go wrong?
Hitsugi no Chaika – Bones has a lot of ground to make up with me after Space Dandy, but a “living poor” premise show with some thin veils of magic and bullshit might prove fruitful.
No Game, No Life – Since we aren’t getting more Mondaiji, this might be the next-best thing.

I will DL and Have a Look
Sadon Desu – Drink tea and eat snacks? Man, why didn’t anyone think of these clubs when I was in high school?
Selector Infected WIXOSS – JC STAFF is up to something, but what?
Majin Bone – Tell me more.
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Is this going to be one of those awkward brother-sister relationship shows? We know where I stand on sibling love.
Captain Earth – I’m on the fence here with this one. Space Dandy has shown me I can’t trust Bones with space, but with a premise that almost seems like someone remembered Galaxy Quest was a movie, this could RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE and be a hit.

Thankfully, no shows from this season continue into the next, so the slate will be clean. I may go back and marathon some other shows from winter I didn’t put on my docket because sixteen was enough. We’ll see how that plays out.

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