When I first started this blog in 2009, I was using whatever it was using at the time, forgot what, and I don’t have it installed anymore. Or maybe TwentyTen was already out by then. It was a pretty dull affair.

I don't even remember which post this is. Maybe I should read my own goddamn archives for once?
I don’t even remember which post this is. Maybe I should read my own goddamn archives for once?

I guess Wayback didn’t have 2009. But I imagine it was roughly the same. It was sometime in 2011 or 2012 that I moved away from hosted WP to my own servers and databases, and I’ve always thought to sit down and mock up my own layout, but I am horrifically lazy, so I used a number of freebies. Custom Community was in use for most of last year around this time, in my effort to get something that was mobile-friendly. Sadly, something broke Counterize’s ability to collect browser data, either due to my ROBOTS DOT TXT, or probably some issue with apache2 logging. But I often view my own site on my Nexus 7 in bed doing a forty-eight proofread of what I wrote, so mobile-friendly is a plus, especially because I am blind as a bat these days.

Anyway, TwentyFourteen is actually not too bad. I liked the layout of the featured images, the banner scales, and I didn’t have to change the formatting of my posts from before, they center without an issue. I’ll probably be going through recent stuff to ensure things look okay.. and at some point, I need to go back through everything and fix it up to look good. I dunno how many people trawl my archives, but I see a lot of links to some in stats, so I am going to guess some. Not that you could tell by ALL THESE COMMENTS on my posts. But I don’t advertise or pimp myself out to other bloggers, really. I can’t say much. I read maybe one blog often, and a few others once or twice a month. I’m kind of bad at that stuff. So if you have one you do, lemme know and I’ll try to add it to the roll. The more the merrier.

So this post was really to fill out the featured grid, but I am thinking I will use that for posts like these, important things, or whatever. Regular posts will file normally below, because I didn’t like how they moved up to the grid and didn’t mirror.

Well, here is a Akatsuki for your trouble.


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