Weeb Streaming

It kind of dawned on me this morning that in the last year or two of casual streaming on Twitch, I’ve barely tried to advertise here, or to my anitwitter fam. I don’t particularly know why, probably because I tend to isolate interests and not cross-advertise often, but then this would be why I have barely a viewer or two.

Well I have a pile of weeb games that are either lightly played, or not played at all, and I’d like to play them. So since February is the month of love, I’m going to feature some visual novels on my Twitch channel. Schedule coming soon, check my other Twitter for more information.

And if you like non-weeb games, Overwatch, Cities Skylines, or other shit, stick around the channel. Once I buy a capture card, I am going to try to go full ham on PSX games. So if that’s your jam, stay tuned.

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