It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been really busy being dead.

It’s been awhile since I’ve typed in this old blog, and I have to say it’s pretty neat. Officially, the last real post was made in early 2017, so it’s been roughly two and a half years since I used to ritualistically consume the cartoons and regurgitate their putrid contents for the whole six of you to read.

What has happened since then?

The only acceptable way to experience Niagara Falls

Well for the most part, I spent most of that time focusing on BIDEO GAEMS. I went hard for about a year trying to establish a middling Twitch channel for older games, but I was laid off from my job in 2017, and spent the better part of the next year and a half between two new jobs before the company that laid me off offered me to come back with a better position and better pay. When life gives you the option of going back to work at a decent place with good people versus a raging psychotic middle-manager with issues, you pour that goddamn lemonade on your junk and run. Don’t actually do that though, I bet it stings, though marginally less than poblano peppers. That actually happened to me.

The other part was that despite Minecraft being a thing for many years, I had never played it. Until I did. Holy shit that was a mistake. I am a sucker for open-world sandbox-style games, and with the other nerds of the MOONMOON_OW sub community, we’re on to our fourth world of zany ridiculous children’s block video game madness.


But the meat and bones of my 2.5Y hiatus has really been that there hasn’t been a real reason for me to come back to the Chinese cartoons. Certainly, I am sure there are a lot of shows I missed that are probably good, but in putting my ear to the weeb channels on Discord and Twitter, it seems that the usual shows continue to dominate the normie-sphere of weeb-dom. I do enjoy Jojo, but I am not wholly motivated to hit that shit on a constant basis. It’s a good binge-watch show when the entire season is out. I don’t do the sort of pig-slop that is Naruto/Boruto or One Piece because I am an adult. My Hero Academia is so tremendously overplayed as a concept that I’d rather just rewatch the forty-six shows that came before it. So as you can imagine, for hipster contrarian trash such as myself, you have to hit me with something that placates the juicy centers of my weeb fiefdom.

So why bring this sorry excuse for a site back if I don’t intend to review BRAND NEW ANIMUS?

Well, I always intended to re-watch and review old anime. The kind of good shit that I would stay up all night watching after it took me four days to download the subs from XDCC bots. The stuff that speedsubbers would compete over to be the first one to release. The stuff that I would ban bots for in IRC trying to advertise their links. I have two hard drives full of anime spanning roughly 1995-2016, and more on CDs and DVDs that I’ve been slowly copying to mechanical drives. I even still have physical DVDs in the attic.

I never knew what my occupation would be in life until I watched Ruri do it in 1999.

So you’ll notice, first and foremost, that TLDRANIMU is gone. Well, through every fault of my own, I did not renew the domain when I should have back in April of 2018. So naturally the registrar sold it off to someone who then suggested I should pay something like 300 bucks to get it back. Haha, fuck you. For one, it’s not a well-known brand, so enjoy a name only a handful of people in the aniblog space are aware of. For two, I clearly was not blogging anymore, so it didn’t bother me that it was being lost other than the fact that the site was inaccessible, because I was too lazy to change the URLs in the WP database. So when it came time to cast phoenix down on this bitch, I decided to register a new domain. WEEBOOMERS.

Why Weeboomers?

Well, for one, I am a middle-age xennial who has an aforementioned taste in the classic anime experience, occasionally with Monster energy drinks like all the cool zoomers do. Naturally, given that I am by all purposes an unashamed weeb, I was very surprised no one had registered “weeboomer(s)” as a domain. So here I am, full-speed embracing two pseudo-derogatory cultural phrases because I don’t give a shit, and I think it’s pretty fucking funny.

This reminds me to rewatch Full Metal Panic

So what is the plan for this blog moving forward?

Well the plan is to write about mostly old shows as I dig them up in my archives and watch. But I also plan to watch and review the final season of Symphogear, and probably go through the last three years of shows and find the ones that didn’t suck.

But I also am interested in creating some interesting video content on the Youtubes. Regular reviews are boring, and even sixty-second speedviews aren’t interesting. I am thinking something a little more closer to RedLetterMedia’s Plinkett Reviews in that I want to roast some shitty shows in memetic fashion, or especially highlight the awesome parts of good shows. This isn’t a priority item, as I prefer the written format for these sorts of things, but it’s something I am going to poke around with as I continue to learn Premiere. Examples of such garbage can be found here.

So in conclusion, I’m back, lazy as ever, ready to do this shit. Hopefully. I haven’t decided if I am going to bother changing the Twitter and Facebook names away from “tldranimu” yet, we’ll see how this takes off before I do a bunch of unneeded shit. After all, the OW stands for overweight.

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  1. It’s good to see you back, man. Looking forward to your revitalized blog. Not enough people talk about the good old shows anymore. 🙂

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