AnimuMango Divergence: Akame ga Kill

I fell behind on Akame ga Kill for a number of episodes because I had read a bunch of the manga and kind of knew what was going to happen, since the show has been in lockstep with the comics all of the way. Then I started seeing some social mentions and other such appearing, with suggestions that the manga link diverges to form an anime-only story. Interested in where this goes, I sought to catch up. Post-catch-up, I have to say, I am rather disappointed.

Oh, and spoilers. Get your shit together before reading.

Blue Steel Talk: Saving Private Gunzou



I wasn’t going to probably write about this week’s Arpeggio, but after making my blogging rounds and reading ol’ Jinx’s reaction to the tenth episode, well I can’t just ignore my civic duty to WORDSWORDSWORDS into this husk of the internet? Right?

Actually I happen to have the next five days off from work so I am procrastinating going to sleep.

Double Acceleration, All the Way

I’m starting to catch up on a lot of manga I should have been reading a long time ago, and one of those titles is Freezing, a manga which has been publishing since 2007, but aired recently in 2010-2011. You may have read my post on the anime, but in a new-ish segment I like to call Animu Versus Mango I’d like to “compare and contrast” some of the points between the anime and the manga, especially considering after I reached the last available page of the manga, I re-watched the anime just to make sure I wasn’t looking at it through nostalgia glasses. Not that it is really that old to be considered “nostalgia” at this point.