Tenchi Universe: Episodes 1-13


Ah, Tenchi Universe. Trying to understand the Tenchi-Muyo “Universe” can be difficult, so much that the new Funimation package art has to try to draw a diagram of where you are in said Universe. The first full season TV show, Tenchi Universe takes you on a time and space adventure with Tenchi, Ayeka, Ryoko, and everyone else as they pretty much reenact Star Wars, harem-style.

My Other Pants Pocket

Who are they again?

Who can forget these clowns?

A few years ago I wrote a short classic review on Dragonball Z from the Dragonball Z Remastered episodes. It was short. I also had to sit through the Funimation dub of it because there were no subtitles for the Japanese audio. Fast-forward to now, I decided to grab the Dragonball Kai re-remake that was part of the 20 year anniversary of Dragonball. It ain’t half bad.

Curious Cabbot and the Carrot Caper

There are few series that earn reputation among anime fans that earn “classic” or “must watch” statuses, especially at a time when “moe” anime, whether you acknowledge it or not, has dominated a scene of anime once held by powerhouses that pioneered the 80’s and 90’s before setting the stage with what we watch today. For a title like Tenchi Muyo!, it had the unique fortune of being among Cartoon Network’s Toonami lineup in the late 90’s and early 00’s, and again, whether you acknowledge it or not, was responsible for helping to bring in and cement a lot of fans to this fandom, myself included. So I felt it was appropriate to re-launch my “Classic Reviews” category with a review on a classic franchise that still continues to be awesome, to this day.

This is Part One of a Two Part review, the second part will focus on Tenchi Universe and the Universe-based movie Tenchi Muyo In Love! I’ll try to have that done in the next couple weeks, I still have to find a source for Universe, be it subs or DVD.

Just HOW Big is YOUR Harem?

Dat Yukine face, all the time

As I was looking up info on Tenchi Muyo! the other day while writing the call for classics post, I noticed a title on there I hadn’t heard of, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari. It was billed as a spin-off series to Tenchi Muyo! but not connected to any Tenchi series outright, and it aired a couple years ago so it was very recent. To pour the gravy on the turkey however, it was a mecha. You better goddamn scream for me I am on that shit with the quickness.