A Mid-Summers Night Rundown

It’s a little over halfway through Summer, and I finally got a new NIC card in, so being able to download twenty shows again was sweetness. I’m a bit behind on some shows, so I might paraphrase a bit, because I am lazy as shit. Teaches me to take on so many shows a season.

My Other Pants Pocket

Who are they again?

Who can forget these clowns?

A few years ago I wrote a short classic review on Dragonball Z from the Dragonball Z Remastered episodes. It was short. I also had to sit through the Funimation dub of it because there were no subtitles for the Japanese audio. Fast-forward to now, I decided to grab the Dragonball Kai re-remake that was part of the 20 year anniversary of Dragonball. It ain’t half bad.


My roommate apparently found a “high quality” torrent of Dragonball Z, the entire series, in MKV, each file being 50mb, for a total of around 17GB or so. My first thought was “50mb? Seriously? The exact AIM log was something like: 11:56:18 PM) Mike Dragonball Z Remastered MKV 50mb DBZ Uncut All Seasons Episodes 1-291…