2014: A Look Back At 365 Days of Crazy Cartoons

Back for the third year in a row, the 2014 Anime Year in Review. Like last year, I spend this post going over my personal list of what I feel works, and doesn’t work, out of 2014’s four seasons of anime. Once again, the raw list used to compile this post may be found here, and you’re free to complain about the selection list on Twitter to your heart’s content, my shit taste, etc. I yawn in your general direction.

2013: A Look Back At Another Year of SAVING ANIME

[Commie] Vividred Operation - 01 [EEB956D7].mkv_snapshot_00.19_[2013.01.12_23.28.06]

I’m sure you remember my look back at 2012 and everything it had to offer, but here we are again nearly a year later, and I have four more seasons of fresh meat to drill down and tell you what I thought was good, and what sucked the big one one. Rather than wait until the end of the year, I think I am poised to knock this out early, just in time for the holidays. Cause otherwise, I will forget.