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Maximum Friendship

It's been an especially tough week in my normal adult life, but you don't come here for that shit so we'll skip that. I'm still trying to keep up with the season, and thankfully everything has still been pretty great so far. Even Nanoha ViVid has [...]

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Currently Watching, First Look

An Arrow to the Knee

I'm slowly but surely getting caught up on everything in-between streaming sessions of the fantasies de la finale, but I've concluded that Juuou Mujin no Fafnir is most likely going to be dropped within the next week. Of everything I have on the [...]

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Currently Watching, Reviews

This Old Park

The final weeks of the season, and since I had enough vacation left, I have the next nine days to finish up on this season, do Christmas, play some vidya, and try not to spend money I don't have on the Steam sale. That said, I finished up Amagi [...]

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