Return to Grace

So it’s been a few months, I know. I had mentioned at the beginning of the season that I was more or less going to powerwash the season towards the end in order to focus on some other stuff, and I think that went fairly well. I’m working on developing some kind of small Youtube channel for gaming that will probably not be viewed by anyone, but it’s a start. Honestly, after scanning this season and scanning over some bloggers’ reactions to it, I don’t feel I missed a whole lot. And I am okay with that.

So here is a quick run at what I’ve powered through these last few days.

Body Snatchers

Friendly reminder, if you like female anime characters and contests involving female anime characters, Anime Saimoe Tournament 2012 is well underway on 2ch. Even if you cannot vote thanks to GLORIOUS NIPPON’s hate on foreign IPs, you can keep up with the results on my blog, TLDR Saimoe or other folks covering the tournament linked on the page. It’ll be going on until early November so feel free to tune in.

Now then, catching up on some of them animes…