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So it’s been a few months, I know. I had mentioned at the beginning of the season that I was more or less going to powerwash the season towards the end in order to focus on some other stuff, and I think that went fairly well. I’m working on developing some kind of small Youtube channel for gaming that will probably not be viewed by anyone, but it’s a start. Honestly, after scanning this season and scanning over some bloggers’ reactions to it, I don’t feel I missed a whole lot. And I am okay with that.

So here is a quick run at what I’ve powered through these last few days.

God I hope not.
God I hope not.
One-Punch Man
“Tsundere Tornado”
A few years back I read some of the manga for this on some recommendations, and it was a pretty good decision. I didn’t read that far in though, and forgot about it until the anime was announced.


I sort of thought it might be a monster-of-the-week comedy-sort of show, but I think they knew that you might think that, and proceeds to show you about thirteen monsters he one-punches to death in the first episode. The running joke then becomes the fact that no one knows who he is, and when he joins the Mutant Registration Program Hero Association, then everyone thinks he is a cheat because he shows up and one-punches the monster to death.

The fun in this show really comes from Saitama’s nonchalant mannerisms and complete nativity towards the rest of the world. Genos’ role, besides playing Raiden’s body-double from Metal Gear Revengence, is to remind Saitama how the world works when he isn’t punching things. It’s a clever manga, and in-turn, a clever show rich with crazy action scenes, crazy action scene music, and all sorts of strange monsters and heroes alike.

Last episode is when?

That's the pointy-end alright.
That’s the pointy-end alright.
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen
I am normally not someone who enjoys vampires as a fantasy/supernatural genre, especially when your director was partly responsible for such disasters like Shingeko no Kyojin and Guilty Crown. Somehow, Seraph manages to extract some of the better parts of both shows and actually deliver a competent product. From Shingeki, it took the military-survival-squad and reduced the cast size a bit and tightened up the leads rather than focus entirely on Yuu. From Guilty Crown, they took the demon weapons and made them actually functional with something more consequential than death, being possessed by the demon inside. As an overall concept, I actually enjoyed the action and combat against the vampires, and there was never a time when I felt Yuu was going to god-mode it all up…

Oh fuck, I forgot.
Oh fuck, I forgot.

Right, I forgot that we can’t just have a simple show where maybe the remnants of humanity manage to just fuck up a bunch of vampires before they turn into mostly-female demons trapped in weapons. We have to introduce a whole beserker-mode Evangelion concept that in twenty-two episodes still hasn’t really been explained beyond both sides shrugging and going “Well someone must have tipped off someone else with our secrets.” I don’t expect it will be explained before whatever sort of ending we’re getting soon, and if this is a set-up for a third season, I don’t even. I am still watching mainly because it’s still pretty good action, and Hiiragi “Hayami Saori” Shinoa.

You keep doing that.
You keep doing that.
Yuru Yuri Sanā˜†Hai!
YRYR and Gochi are pretty much my two second-monitor shows from this season to watch as I am grinding Heroes of the Storm or Fallout since I can glance over, take in about five seconds of it, and be good for another few minutes. What happens is fairly the same each episode and it’s just pleasing to the senses. This season isn’t much different, more implied relationship pairings and even some pretty forward momentum from Ayano towards Kyoko. Also, more siblings of characters, for whatever that is worth.

I am working on getting to Gochi and Moragami next, so stay tuned. Hope to have everything powered through and reviewed before the end of the year. Next is to preview Winter 2015/2016 and see how much I want to take on.

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